Teaching of the ambiguity words translation

Солдатова, Леся Петрівна (2012) Teaching of the ambiguity words translation Conference Proceedings. Edited by Pixel. 5th Conference Edition – University Press. – Florence (Italy), 2012. – 591-595.

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The necessity of people`s communication with different “motherly” informational codes makes new demands for the foreign language training techniques. The aim of the article is to show the variant of solution of one of these problems and the technique of ambiguous words removal in practice. Such techniques are necessary in theory and practice for communicative misunderstanding prevention. The central aim of the foreign language study is language acquisition with such skills as encoding and transcoding of information about conditions and events. The main teacher`s tasks are to teach students to acquire certain knowledge, competences and skills, to teach the process of information creation (discourse) not as in the native language. Students have to master a number of competences and skills: - encoding and transcoding of information in foreign languages; - paraphrase; - using synonyms and antonyms; - to understand and achieve connectedness in perception; - creation separate statements in communicative-meaningful speech limits; - to feel standards and norms of language intuitively; - polysemy and full lexical homonyms differentiation, etc. A number of problems arises how to teach students: - to understand language (it`s meaning and structure); - authentically foreign texts decoding; - to remove mechanical action of interlanguage correspondence finding; - to establish the sufficient equivalence between words and constructions in languages.

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