Psychological peculiarities of the development of imagination in adolescence

Шопіна, Марина Олександрівна (2014) Psychological peculiarities of the development of imagination in adolescence Науковий часопис НПУ імені М.П. Драгоманова. Серія 12. Психологічні науки (44). pp. 160-168.

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This article conducts comparative analysis of researches and publications concerning the issues of imagination development at youngsters. This article reviews first signs and images of imagination, such agglutination- the approach concerning the connection, analogy, exaggeration- diminution, accentuation and typisation. It reveals the milestones of development and characterizes main stages of imagination. Moreover, the article analyzes the functions of imagination which lies at the sampling of final result of activity of the means required for its performance, created programs of human behavior in case of undefined problematic situation; creation of images which do not program the activity but replace it; creation of images units on the basis of schemes, schedules, maps, photos from territories, description, the creation of totally new subjects and phenomena. Moreover this work highlights specific functions of imagination. This article research has defined that the imagination is being revealed at various essence activity, that is why we define the following types of imagination such as scientific, artistic and technical imagination. Taking into account quality peculiarities the types of imagination are the following: plastic which uses strictly defined images and conjunctions which correspond to real correlations, which have external character; vague which uses emotional images without strictly defined traits in space (imagination); mystic one which uses symbols; mystisysm turns natural images into symbolic ones craving the implementation of ideal in forms of nature; scientific one, which is full of scientific thoughts (in newly formed sciences it stands like scientific mythology, in formed sciences it revives logical schemes); imagination in practical life and mechanics, the images of which are implemented in speech form; imagination in the sphere of trade and imagination in the sphere of uthopy, the images of imagination reflect ethical and social relationship. This article analyzes the functions of creative imagination at teenagers psychic development. It reviews dream as important form of imagination in teenagers.

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