Historia Komisji Terminologicznej przy Międzynarodowym Komitecie Slawistów

Gajda, Stanisław та Iwaszczenko, Wiktoria L. та Ivashchenko, Victoria (2017) Historia Komisji Terminologicznej przy Międzynarodowym Komitecie Slawistów Polskie i europejskie nurty terminologiczne (38). с. 334-341. ISSN 2299-9310


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The authors presented the scope of activity and the most import ant achievements of the Terminology Commission under the International Committee of Slavonic Scholars. The Commission was established in 1955. Its most important achievement is compilation of the multilingual dictionary of linguistic terminology that includes eleven Slavic languages (Czech, Slovak, Polish, Sorbian, Ukrainian, Belorussian, Russian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Slovene, Serbo-Croat) and three Western European languages (English, French, German). Work on the dictionary was done by national teams of experts. It was published in 1977-1979 in Prague and contained 2266 terms. Thanks to the dictionary compilation another terminological project was developed, i.e. ... of Slavic onomastic terminology (carried out in the the Onomastic Commission under the International Committee of Slavonic Scholars, published in 1973 and 1983). Among other achievements the authors name the issue of a journal of Slavicterminology studies (2009) as well as research on a general theory of a term and work on practical application of terminology studies results. Since 2013 the Commission for Terminology in a new line-up (presented in the paper) have undertaken new tasks. These are, among others, collection and systematization of works on terminology studies in Slavic languages and constituting methodological basis for building comparable Slavic terminological corpora. The paper presents also new journals of terminology studies, academic conferences and a monograph devoted to the situation of Slavic terminology studies at the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries.

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Ключові слова: the Terminology Commission; the dictionary of linguistic terminology; terminological project; systematization of works on terminology studies;
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