Постать О. Лазурського (1874–1917 крізь призму мікроісторії

Леонтьєва, Інна Василівна (2015) Постать О. Лазурського (1874–1917 крізь призму мікроісторії Басов М.Я. Творческие думы А.Ф. Лазурского о социальной жизни человечества (По неизданным материалам) / М.Я. Басов // Вопросы изучения и воспитания личности. — 1922. — № 4-5. — С. 625–637. 2. Корнетов Г.Б. Антропологическая интерпретация историко-пед. pp. 246-253.


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The article is devoted to microhistorical analysis of certain aspects of life and work of the famous scientist, doctor, psychologist and educator Oleksandr Lazurskyi, whose main approaches to experimental and scientifipedagogical work were focused in the field of educational psychology and experimental pedagogy, in the background of the historical realities of life at the end of XIX — early XX centuries. A new way of studying Oleksandr Lazurskyi’s personality is a subject of scientific interest in means of approaching to the science lab and study the biography of the outstanding personality, as well as an original factor, which reflects the individual features of his thinking, principles and creative ideas, all the diversity of the researcher’s spiritual life.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Oleksandr Lazurskyi; microhistorical approach; Oleksandr Lazurskyi’s epistolary heritage; memoir materials devoted to the period of the late XIX — early XX centuries; A. V. Lazurskyi; Borys Rubinstein (Reyne)
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