The development of the acoustic component of speech and its projection for preventing and overcoming speech disorders in preschool and early school age

Луцько, Катерина Василівна (2016) The development of the acoustic component of speech and its projection for preventing and overcoming speech disorders in preschool and early school age Актуальні питання корекційної освіти (педагогічні науки): збірник наукових праць: вип. 7, у 2 т./ за ред. В. М Синьова, О. В. Гаврилова, 7 (1). pp. 226-241. ISSN 2413-2578

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The study аccent that the formation of acoustic images of isolated phonemes and checked the feasibility and effectiveness of this method of influence on the quality of speaking and written speech of children with speech and sensory disorders. Three groups of disorders that seemingly have different origins, but in its manifestations have a common problem – the children have no clear images of phonemes in their minds and therefore speaking and written speech make mistakes (child mixes sounds, is not able to adequately absorb, analyze and identify appropriate phonemes in facing speech and take in your own, skip vowels in writing as a consonant sound conveys open-ended type PG allow misuse of phonemes in his speech at similarly dictation (at talking text "itself" or whisper) that is necessary for writing). Established effectiveness actively engage preschoolers and elementary school students to the articulation of sounds without voice guidance, activating their perception, recognition of sounds, articulation of assimilation images and play right pronunciation sounds. The use of conjugated speech, attracting attention is a child with an adult (or another child) speech material is an important factor in improving its phonetic and phonemic hearing, enhance development and improvement of articulation skills. Discovered difficulties talking word "themselves" that indicate imperfect assimilation speech material children in inner speech, shown in false writing, playing words. The study focus was not syllabication, not counting the number of syllables in a word, and the formation of a child's sense of rhythm of speech. Сomplex rhythm word as the word effectively absorbed in conjunction with other words сomplex rhythm consisting of phrases, sentences, poems, fragments of prose text. Adopting a child сomplex rhythm speech patterns, his sound side and its acoustic characteristics in the unity of mastering motor (articulation) images of phonemes (phonemes implement it) are the basic components for further mastering her speech.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: language; acoustics; pronunciation sounds; complex rhythm; phoneme; phonetic; sound; articulation; conjugate speech; inner speech; аttention; memory; thinking; disorders; word; text; analysis; synthesis; understanding
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