Usage of didactic games during the process of future music teachers’ artistic tolerance formation

Соболь, Наталія Віталіївна (2017) Usage of didactic games during the process of future music teachers’ artistic tolerance formation Наукові записки Центральноукраїнського державного педагогічного університету імені Володимира Винниченка. Серія: Педагогічні науки (159). pp. 136-140. ISSN 2415-7988


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In consideration of the rapid globalization processes in the world, the future music teacher, who will work with the new generation of children and young people, ought to be flexible in the creative way and tolerant. We mean the tolerance in communication among people, or in daily teaching activities as well as in the artistic context. This is especially important for the interpretation and perception of works of modern art, its comparison with classical works, during the formation of skills of critical thinking and individual aesthetic taste of a person. Therefore, we define the artistic tolerance of future music teachers as their important personal and professional quality. It means that the person with artistic tolerance is interested in the awareness with various artistic phenomena (e.g., music pieces, fine arts, applied arts, cinema and theater, literature, etc.); he would like to open the new knowledge and analyzing experience about the works of art; to find out the new authors and their fans. This person shows respect and unprejudice to aesthetic flavors of other people. Through the well-grounded critique, artistic tolerated person can compare the artistic phenomena on the basics of his own experience and knowledge. In the current paper, we develop ten didactic games that consists of artistic problem-based methods for achieving the artistic and musicological views, assignments for developing students’ creativity and critical thinking. In addition, these games should promote the future music teachers’ methodological background for their pedagogical practices with pupils at schools. Hence we proposed such games as «The Sounds of Paintings», « The Visualization of Music», «The Etude (Play Music with the Motion)», «Defense and Prosecution», «Music in the Words», «Musical Travel», «My Musical Instrument», «The Erudite», «Three Words», «The Critical Essay». During the accomplish those didactic games the author used the approaches of creative music education, especially the Carl Orff methods. Thus, our didactic games are aimed to farmate the artistic tolerance of future music teachers through: 1) creative analysis and interpretation of the artistic images of classical and modern music pieces; 2) creation of own artistic product in the context of the games’ conditions; 3) development of students’ artistic and culturological erudition; 4) establishment of connection among different arts; 5) formation of listening and performing experience of students; 6) perception, analysis and discussion of other students’ interpretations; 7) combination of students’ individual and group work.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: artistic tolerance; didactic games; creativity; future music teacher.
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