The comparative analysis of the ukrainian and foreign literature as the means of formation of pupils' national and universal intellectual values

Сафарян, Світлана Іванівна (2017) The comparative analysis of the ukrainian and foreign literature as the means of formation of pupils' national and universal intellectual values Науковий вісник Миколаївського національного університету імені В. О. Сухомлинського. Педагогічні науки: збірник наукових праць (2). pp. 402-406. ISSN 2518-7813


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The modern education is aimed first of all at the formation of intellectual values of coming generation. The task of formation of intellectual values can be solved within the school literary education which plays the leading part in the process of formation of pupils' intellectual values. It is at Literature lessons where a teacher has much more opportunities in comparison with the other subjects to have an effect on pupils' intellectual, evaluative and emotional sphere life. And so it is the teacher of Literature who has an opportunity to improve pupils' system of values. This is a literary work which at the same time can be called a piece of Art and so can have some special influence on the process of formations of pupils' national and universal intellectual values. These tasks can be solved in the process of studying the Ukrainian and Foreign literature. In the article the efficiency of realization of comparative analysis at school Literature lessons is revealed. The comparative analysis is regarded to be the affective means in the process of formation of pupils' attitude to Universal intellectual values. In the process of making comparative analysis pupils learn to find out various extensional associations, gain some practice in analysis, synthesis, comparisons and summarizing. Thus it helps to build up pupils' world outlook, to develop pupils' national identity and respect towards different nations and cultures. In the article the foundations of school comparative analysis are given. The aim of the analysis is to single out some corresponding typical similar problems in different works of literary. That must help in its turn to find out the conception and the esthetic value of each of the literary processes, works or phenomena being compared. The aim of the analysis is to find out some common and different features of literary works, to comprehend the universal intellectual values and national identity of each of the analyzed works of literature. Also in the article the main directions of the comparative analysis are revealed: historical and literary, biographical, historical and cultural, theoretical and literary. There is a pattern of such analysis being illustrated in the article: the comparative analysis of the French and Ukrainian literature, the comedy by Moliere «Philistine in the nobility» and tragicomedy by Karpenko-Karyi «Martin Borulya». As a result it has been proved that this way of analysis helps pupils to develop their national and universal intellectual values.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: intelligence; intellectual values; needs; comparative studies; analysis; trends; «Philistine in the nobility»; «Martin Borulya»
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