Pedagogical conditions of artistic and creative synesthesia of junior students at integrated music lessons

Рахманова, О.К. (2017) Pedagogical conditions of artistic and creative synesthesia of junior students at integrated music lessons Музичне мистецтво в освітологічному дискурсі (2). pp. 150-153. ISSN 2518-766Х


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The methodological concept of “pedagogical conditions” is analysed and its essence is disclosed. Special attention is given to the modern interpretation of this concept and its meaning in modern science is examined in details. The article is dedicated to the revealing the pedagogical conditions that influence the process of development of junior students’ artistic and creative synesthesia. Careful attention is paid to the author’s point of view on the definition of the concept of “pedagogical conditions” as well as to the additions which should be included to the definition taking into account the modern tendency to technology and science development. These pedagogical conditions disclose specifics of the artistic and creative synesthesia and creative potential of  junior pupils at  the  integrated music lessons, which contributes to  their deliberate orientation in the system of art values. The author defines a complex of the pedagogical conditions that symbolically can be divided into three groups: 1) creating emotionally-creative environment that stimulates development of junior students’ artistic and creative synesthesia during the process of listening to musical composition; 2) dialogical interaction between the teacher and student in the process of junior students’ artistic activity; 3) implementation of the individual differentiation in the development of junior students’ artistic and creative synesthesia at the integrated music lessons, which considers individual characteristics of creative potential and creative abilities of junior students and setting the differentiated creative tasks in this way.

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