Psychology and Sociology of MK Content module: Psychology of MK

Фруктова, Яна Станіславівна (2019) Psychology and Sociology of MK Content module: Psychology of MK [Teaching Resource]


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Purpose of the course: formation of future mass media professionals psychological competence as a professional through the acquisition of modern knowledge theories of research on mental phenomena and the role of the media in their formation, development and changes, socialization of personality. The objectives of the discipline "Psychology MK":  disclosure of the importance of psychological knowledge in professional activity media professionals;  familiarization of the mass media with psychological principles professional communication behavior;  formation of moral values ​​and corresponding qualities of the future specialist, awareness of the psychological consequences of communication influence;  development of professional culture in the mass media of the psychological culture activities on a reflective basis, prompting them to self-analyze their actions;  identify common professional misconduct related to selection and application of modern psychological means of influence on the individual, masses; Ття disclosure of peculiarities of ethical behavior of mass media professionals solving complex professional psychological situations;  development of algorithm of professional communication interaction of specialists with media with consumers of their services. Increased efficiency of the seminars will be facilitated by the foreseen a program of performance by students of creative works, in particular individual and 5 group projects and more. During seminars, individual training and research independent work students acquire the skills and abilities: 1. Identify professionally important technologies that have socio-psychological and the moral and ethical component (suggestion, manipulation, information wars). 2. Investigate the system of external and internal psychological factors that determine the professional communicative behavior of media professionals, choice communication technology. 3. To determine the psychological features of the design of the communication space as a professional. 4. Analyze and evaluate the professional behavior and activities of mass professionals media as professional communicators, determine the effectiveness of a particular application communication technology, taking into account its psychological consequences. 5. Diagnose, self-evaluate and adjust your own psychological state during the training. 6. Assess the individual degree of development of communication skills and psychological prerequisites for their formation. 7. Identify and analyze typical errors in the professional behavior of professionals with media related to the selection and use of unproductive psychological strategies. 8. Identify, analyze adverse psychological factors and negative consequences, wrong, affective actions in own professional communication activity. 9. To analyze the psychological processes that take place during mass events communications Number of hours allocated to the syllabus to study the module MK Psychology is 90 hours, of which 10 hours. - lectures, 14 hours - seminars class, 6 hours - modular control, 18 hours. - semester control, 42 hours. - individual work. Undergraduate Study of Sociology and Psychology MK ”ends with an exam

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Uncontrolled Keywords: mass media; professional behavior; wahiv; communication; psychological knowledge; psychological means;
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