Optoelectronic systems for data visualization on the basis of discrete -analogous information models.

Бушма, Олександр Володимирович (2007) Optoelectronic systems for data visualization on the basis of discrete -analogous information models. EngD thesis, Державний університет інформаційно-комунікаційних технологій.

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This work deals with creation of high effective optoelectronic systems for authentic and reliable information display at rigid time restrictions on data perception and decoding. Developed are theoretical grounds for construction of the visual data channel to the opera-tor in the bar graph display systems using the offered family of semiotic and logic infor-mation models. The theoretical base for hardware realization of a bar graph data display that uses the created mathematical models of digital information processing in the logic and arithmetic forms are offered. The set of display devices optimized according to requirements of operation condi-tions and bar graph arrays with qualitatively new level of ergonomic and functional pa-rameters are developed and approved. Optimized is the choice of an information model for specific conditions of considered optoelectronic systems application, which is based on the results of display device computer simulation with attraction of group of operators. Practical recommendations on the basis of the offered methods of structural and paramet-rical minimization are created and applied for complex optimization of bar graph displays. Also developed are methods and displays that in block failure situation provide correct system messages decoded by the operator.

Item Type: Thesis (EngD)
Uncontrolled Keywords: information model; information area; bar graph display; numeric dis-play; modeling, optimization; image formation; two-dimensional matrix; circuitry; logical element
Subjects: Автореферати > Спецради у інших ВНЗ
Divisions: Це архівні підрозділи > Кафедра інформатики
Depositing User: Dr. Sci. Aleksandr / A..V. Bushma
Date Deposited: 28 Apr 2013 14:13
Last Modified: 02 Dec 2015 08:41
URI: https://elibrary.kubg.edu.ua/id/eprint/1140

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