Innovative English Computer Logosphere Dynamics. - 10.02.04 – Germanic Languages

Махачашвілі, Русудан Кирилевна (2013) Innovative English Computer Logosphere Dynamics. - 10.02.04 – Germanic Languages EngD thesis, Одеський національний університет ім. І.І. Мечникова.

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The research deals with the study of the late XX – early XXI century English vocabulary integral dynamics within the emergent computer technology framework. A methodologу of English computer vocabulary innovative elements phenomenological features identification is introduced supplying the template for a new study field – phenomenological neology of English. The study approach provides for the innovative English computer logosphere definition and stock inventory in terms of its integrity as a macro-body of phenomenological and dynamic specificity. English computer logosphere macrostructure is the bulk of innovative vocabulary units as a reference system to cyberreality substancial dimensions. Meaningful and formal boundaries, phenomenological and substantial features of innovative English computer logosphere microstructure constituent – innovative English computer tereminos – are defined. An inventory of innovative English computer logosphere microstructure constituents – EICT – static and dynamic qualities, featured through successive content levels, is shortlisted. The EICT static and dynamic qualities provide for the volume, boundaries and content of innovative English computer logosphere micro- and macro-dynamics assessment. The guidelines of innovative English computer logosphere both internal and external microstructure dynamic mobility are delineated by the structural and content patterns, inherent to this linguistic body. The logosphere under scrutiny macro- and micro-structures arrangement and dynamics are defined by the dissipative nature of its meaningful micro-components interconnectivity and substantial semantic elements upward mobility.

Item Type: Thesis (EngD)
Uncontrolled Keywords: innovative computer logosphere, dynamics, static feature, dynamic feature, English innovative computer tereminos (EICT), phenomenological approach, macrosructure, microstructure, EICT content level.
Subjects: Автореферати > Спецради у інших ВНЗ
Divisions: Це архівні підрозділи > Кафедра романської філології та порівняльно-типологічного мовознавства
Depositing User: Русудан Кирилевна Махачашвілі
Date Deposited: 11 Dec 2015 04:59
Last Modified: 11 Dec 2015 04:59

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