Working educational program "Teaching practice (production) teaching"

Гуц, Наталія Григорівна (2014) Working educational program "Teaching practice (production) teaching" [Teaching Resource]

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Teaching practice of students of the Institute of the society of the Kiev University named Boris Hrinchenko is a necessary component of training, as well as a required component of the educational vocational programs for obtaining qualification of "Bachelor" in the areas of training 6.030401 Jurisprudence and normative part of educational content, which aims to provide students with professional skills and abilities. Pedagogical practice is paying attention: - to deepen and consolidate the theoretical knowledge received at studying of subjects in education plan at the Institute; - systematization of the acquired student legal professional and pedagogical knowledge; - mastering of modern methods, forms of work organization in the field of future profession; - teaching independence in problem-solving and skills to solve real pedagogical tasks using theoretical knowledge gained in the study of subjects taught in Institute. According to the curriculum of the Institute of the society of students of III and IV course direction training 6.030401 Law daily learning pass teaching practice. Order teaching practice is regulated by "Regulation of the practice students of higher educational institutions of Ukraine", approved by the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine by order of 08.04.93 No. 93 and data the methodological guidelines developed by the Department law. Program practice is the basic instructional document for students and leaders practice from the Institute of society (Department of law) and the practice base. The aim of the pedagogical practice : - the mastery of the forms, methods, means, advanced technology implementation of educational process in educational institutions of different types; - to develop students ' skills to apply theoretical knowledge in practical activities, awareness professional significance of this knowledge; - education needs constant improvement of the professional knowledge, skills and pedagogical skills skills; - development of creative initiatives, realization of personal creative potential of each student; - development of research skills in a particular professional activity. The tasks of pedagogical practice: The main objectives of the pedagogical practice are: - familiarize students with the content of school courses in "Law", as well as extra-curricular activities, facilitating the mastery of modern methods and forms of pedagogical activity, innovative learning technologies; - formation of social activity of future teacher, his organizational skills, education requirements for continuing legal and pedagogical self-education; - mastery of pedagogical skills of educational work in secondary education institutions, taking into account age and individual characteristics of students; - development of pedagogical thinking, professional and creative abilities, interest in pedagogical activity; - provision of psychological and practical readiness of future teachers to work in school, the use of obtained in the study of the subjects taught at the Institute of professional skills and skills for solving particular educational problems. The tasks of pedagogical practice due to the peculiarities of professional training of future teachers-teachers. Leading among them are: - instilling in students a love for the teaching profession, an educator, a commitment to continuous professional development; - providing conditions for professional adaptation, engaging students to be active in student groups; - deepen and consolidate the theoretical knowledge and practical skills, the mastery of techniques the application of this knowledge in practice; - familiarization with the specifics of modern secondary schools; - development of skills to conduct lessons with application of modern pedagogical technologies, development-oriented personality; - formation of creative approach to the implementation of functions of the class teacher; - development of creative approach to organization of research activities, acquisition of skills to conduct scientific research, as well as the ability to exercise self-control, self-awareness and objective self-evaluation of own teaching activities, teachers, fellow interns; - mastering the ability to communicate with students, parents and colleagues, developing skills for independence in the preparation and conduct of various forms and types of educational work and personal responsibility for their effectiveness and quality; - promoting the development and consolidation of personal and professional qualities that are prerequisite to the formation pedagogical skills, individual style of professional activity of future specialists. As a result of teaching practice: the student should know: educational opportunities of students and their development during the study of jurisprudence; - modern structure and curriculum of legal education, the content of curricula and textbooks courses of law, their peculiarities as school subjects; - tools, techniques and methods of teaching law; - ways to examine knowledge and skills of students, the assessment criteria of their academic achievements; - organization of lessons in jurisprudence and methodology of extra-curricular work in law. the student should be able to: - identify a specific educational goal and objectives of their teaching activities taking into account age and individual differences of students; - to implement prospective, case, calendar and lesson planning of a teacher's work law; - conduct lessons of different types using a variety of methods and techniques of revitalization the educational-cognitive activity of students; - provide educational process on the principles of the pedagogical interaction, cooperation with students, prepare and conduct lessons in law of different types; - to plan-summary of the lesson on "Jurisprudence" according to the modern requirements of legal science and methods of teaching; - conduct research work, to explore the experience of teachers in the law regarding their cooperation, co-creation with students, particularly gifted; - to work with scientific and methodical literature and to conduct a methodical survey, to assess knowledge and skills of students in accordance with the requirements of normative documents; - to analyze their own teaching activities, as well as colleagues, students, trainees; - apply different methods of conducting educational work in the classroom and in extracurricular time, prepare and conduct extra-curricular activities; - forming personal qualities of the teacher, organize class students to conduct social and political work, to distribute work among them according to age features, pedagogical and hygienic requirements.

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