Горбань, Олександр Володимирович (2015) PHENOMENON OF EDUCATION TRANSITIVE SOCIETY Неперервна професійна освіта: теорія і практика. ISSN 1609-8595

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This article analyzes the main approaches to the concept of transitive society. Describes the term "transitivity" as a social phenomenon. There are basic characteristics of transitive society. Phenomenal emphasized education as a phenomenon of social life in the transitive period. Fundamentally changed the status of the knowledge, its production and consumption. Today, the task of education is to expand educational possibilities of man, equip it with the latest methodology of development of the world and acquiring new knowledge, enhance its competencies in professional activities. The new society must meet the new paradigm of education. First, knowledge must be accessible to all, that it should be shared, fundamental, technical information and practical. Second, the ability to be cultivated modeling abstraction and generalization as the necessary basis ability to recognize and analyze problems beyond their own specialization. Thirdly, the classic formula "know", "know how" should be supplemented formula "know where". It is necessary to promote and expand methodological and especially business skills (perhaps using role playing games). Fourth, it must be established concept of flexible methods of education, as well as further education has advanced beyond the existing concept of lifelong learning and continuous re-training, self-study; distance education, which is a form of continuing education. The new paradigm of education in the transitive society should be based on the principles of creative learning in higher education. This form of training allows for "personal approach" individually-oriented work with the student teacher. The basis is taken the task of ability for independent creation of new knowledge, ways of action. Shaping the capacity for communication and innovation, intangible motivation and the desire for self-education acts as a universal civilization progressive resource development.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: education; man; phenomenon; society; transitional period; Transitivity
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