Future Music Teachers’ Professional Outlook in Context of Humanistic Paradigm of Education

Ткач, Марія Михайлівна (2016) Future Music Teachers’ Professional Outlook in Context of Humanistic Paradigm of Education Музичне мистецтво в освітологічному дискурсі : науковий журнал (1). pp. 20-25.

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The article carries out a theoretical analysis of the phenomenon of professional outlook of future teachers of musical art that displays an organic relationship with the universals of pedagogical culture; describes the main paradigms of education that have developed in the process of historical development of society; examines hermeneutical essence of education and defines valuable potential of future music teachers’ professional outlook in the context of the formation of humanistic paradigm of post­nonclassical art pedagogy. It is outlined two approaches to the problems: the first one— classic (Kuhn’s concept of paradigm), and the second one — which reflects changes in every branch of science and demonstrates transition from clas­ sical science to neoclassic and post­neoclassic. It is analysed such paradigms of education as traditionalistic­ conservative, rationalist (behavioral) and humanistic (phenomenological­hermeneutic). It is defined the context of mastering the meaning of paradigm in art education that uses classical structure of scientific knowledge of neoclassical approaches, in particular hermeneutic. It is foud out hermeneutical essence of education based on understanding a natural methodological process of cognition and self­cognition, which are the sources of valuable and semantic self­identity. In connection with it, it is defined the relevance of future music teachers training with prevailing professional outlook based on hermeneutics, reflecting organic union of educational universals of culture: pedagogical worldview, artistic outlook, music teacher’s self­identity in ontological, sense and methodological coordinates. According to the results of theoretical analysis, it is presented the value of future music teachers’ potential professional outlook in the context of formation of post­neoclassical humanistic paradigm of pedagogy of arts.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: professional outlook; future teacher of musical art; universal pedagogical culture; humanistic paradigm of education; post­nonclassical pedagogy
Subjects: Це архівна тематика Київського університету імені Бориса Грінченка > Статті у журналах > Збірники наукових праць
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