Correlation of Cognitive Insight and Ego Demarcation

Маланьїна, Тетяна Михайлівна (2016) Correlation of Cognitive Insight and Ego Demarcation Психологія: реальність і перспективи (7). pp. 138-141. ISSN 2518-7503

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The article deals with the problem of cognitive insight as a regulatory mechanism. The cognitive insight is defined as a capacity to assess and correct anomalous beliefs, the ability to change thoughts under the influence of others. Cognitive Insight Index (A. Beck) is the ratio between Self-Reflectiveness (the ability to correlate own views with the opinion of others) and arrogance (critical attitude to the opinions of others). The cognitive insight describes the capacity of patients with psychosis to distance themselves from their disease (clinical insight). Cognitive insight has predicted positive gains in psychotherapy of psychosis. However, impact of cognitive insight is ambiguous on healthy individuals. Regarding the individuals without mental disorders the close relationship between Self-Reflectiveness, Cognitive Insight Index and destructive external and internal Ego Demarcation is elucidated. Also found a positive correlation between Self-Reflectiveness, Self-Confidence and constructive forms of external and internal Ego Demarcation. Obtained results confirm the assumption that the high level of confidence (critical thoughts about the others) can lead to successful adaptation for healthy individuals. Conversely, the high level of confidence is a dysfunctional feature in mental disease. Additionally, Self-Reflectiveness (criticality about own thoughts) is ambiguous. The increase of it can contribute to constructive forms of interaction with themselves and the world, meanwhile, can lead to the destructive effects. Cognitive Insight Index is more related to dysfunctional parameters of Ego Demarcation.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: insight; cognitive insight; self-reflectiveness; self-criticism; self-confidence; ego demarcation
Subjects: Статті у журналах > Фахові (входять до переліку фахових, затверджений МОН)
Divisions: Інститути > Інститут людини > Кафедра практичної психології
Depositing User: Тетяна Михайлівна Маланьїна
Date Deposited: 18 Jan 2017 08:18
Last Modified: 19 Jan 2017 09:40

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