«What do we about books and science? You completion us bread...» (Ukrainian «propaganda» in the camp Freistadt, Austria-Hungary in late 1914 – early 1915)

Срібняк, Ігор Володимирович (2017) «What do we about books and science? You completion us bread...» (Ukrainian «propaganda» in the camp Freistadt, Austria-Hungary in late 1914 – early 1915) Емінак: науковий щоквартальник. – Київ-Миколаїв (2(18)). pp. 39-44. ISSN 1998-4634

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The article refers to the initial phase of the Union of Liberation of Ukraine in the camp captured soldiers from the imperial army Freistadt. A presence in the camp a significant number of supporters of the idea of Russian great-Ukrainian cultural and educational work in Freistadt was marked by great difficulty. This category of prisoners (in most sergeant) consistently opposed the representatives of the Union threatened the rest of the prisoners, did not disdain to commit acts of violence against those who participated in the educational work. But thanks to persistent and prudent actions of the Union (M.Havrylko, Ye.Turula, V.Simovych and other) in the camp could start lectured on the history of literature; organize courses Ukrainian grammar, a choir and orchestra, to establish a school for illiterate. It educated of the prisoners in the camp was a library and reading room. At the same time it was improved life prisoners and their food and began to transfer to other camps fierce advocates of the «Russian idea». This impacts Ukrainian propaganda of opponents began to weaken, and educational courses started attending an increasing number of prisoners. Camp commandant's office found possible to provide separate rooms for classes and rehearsals, choir and theater camp, which enabled them to normal and systematic work. An important event was the organization of the group of prisoners of conscious, whose members were not afraid to go to the barracks to conduct explanatory work among prisoners. Thus, Freistadt became the first national characteristics, and it was formed a circle of followers Ukrainian few ideas.

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