Multimedia technology in musical and theoretical training of future music teachers

Ходоровська, Ірина Миколаївна (2017) Multimedia technology in musical and theoretical training of future music teachers Музичне мистецтво в освітологічному дискурсі (2). pp. 164-167. ISSN 2518-766Х

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The article presents one of the most current problems of modern music and theoretical education concerning the use of multimedia music and theoretical training of future music teachers. The author actualizes an issue of updating music and pedagogic education through the introduction of a system of advanced computer technology, including the use of modern multimedia facilities in the educational process along with the traditional technologies. In the author’s opinion, it will not only increase motivation, enhance cognitive and creative activities, realize the maximum potential future professionals, but will provide an opportunity to integrate a large amount of knowledge into almost single system. The author supposes an objective demand for the active introduction of multimedia technology in the educational process of art education for the transition to a new level of music and theoretical training of the future music teachers. The article presents the term “multimedia” and de^nes the concept of “multimedia technology”, which is the amount of technologies that allow the computer to enter, process, store, transmit and display data such as text, graphics, animation, images, video, sound, speech, etc. The article states that the use of multimedia technologies in this ^eld has its limits, according to the nature of music education. However, the use of multimedia technologies during the music and theoretical cycle caused by a wide range of the following tasks: increasing information saturation of the lesson, visibility, savings organizational e`orts of the teacher, optimization control skills of the student, taking into account the individual characteristics of students, improvement of learning and memorizing, etc. The author emphasizes that the multimedia product as one of the most modern ways of presenting information in music and theoretical subjects, which can be represented as presentations, video-anthologies, encyclopedic textbooks, reference books, electronic books and manuals, the simulator for practicing various skills tests, quizzes and highlights the most common applications used in modern practice of teaching music and theoretical subjects.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: music and theoretical training; multimedia technology; music teacher
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