Hermeneutic circle in development of methodological culture of future music teacher

Коваль, Анастасія Станіславівна (2017) Hermeneutic circle in development of methodological culture of future music teacher Музичне мистецтво в освітологічному дискурсі (2). pp. 154-158. ISSN 2518-766Х

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This article is  devoted to  the  studying hermeneutic circle in  the  development of  methodological culture of  future music teacher. Under the  conditions of  globalization processes, tendencies of  convergence of world cultures improvement of culturological training of student youth requires new approaches, in particular, culturological training of  students of  pedagogical specialties. The  task of  pedagogical education is to develop a  teacher as  a specialist and as  a person of  high culture, who has a  special positive effect on the personality of school student. This article analyses the  works of  scientists dedicated to  the  issues of  establishment and development of  the  hermeneutic approach in  philosophical, psychological, and logical and gnosiological contexts. It is defined the essence of the concept of “hermeneutic circle” as one of the basic principles of the hermeneutic approach. There have been provided the examples of interpretation of the principle of hermeneutic circle by various scientists. Hermeneutic approach is  applied in  sciences such as  pedagogy, psychology, economics, sociology etc. In  pedagogical science the  hermeneutic approach at  the  level of  conceptual use was elaborated by A. Zakirova. She introduced the term “pedagogical hermeneutics”. Hermeneutic circle as  a principle of  text understanding is  based on  the  interrelation of  the  part and the  whole. Understanding of  the  whole consists of  the  understanding of  the  individual parts, and understanding of the parts requires understanding of the whole. The concepts of the part and the whole are correlated: the  text is  a part concerning the  whole creative activity of  the  author, which in  its turn is a part of the particular genre or literature in general, as well as the part of spiritual life and biography of the author. The idea of hermeneutic circle means also that there is no understanding of the text without certain prerequisites: understanding is  preceded by  some idea of  what is  yet to  understand. There have been determined the  peculiarities of  the  use of  the  principle of  hermeneutic circle in  the  development of  methodological culture of  the  future teacher of  musical art. In  light of  hermeneutical trends, the penetration of which in the realm of musical art can be traced quite clearly, the use of the hermeneutic circle principle in the development of methodological culture of the future teacher of musical art appears not only in  the  narrow interpretation of  the  particular phenomenon or  group of  phenomena, but much wider — as a means of learning and understanding of the worldview by a person.

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