The Role of Mythonyms and Biblical Proper Names in Creation of Semantic Aura of Antropoetonym Motria in Epic “Mazepa” by Bohdan Lepkyi

Вінтонів, Тетяна Миколаївна (2018) The Role of Mythonyms and Biblical Proper Names in Creation of Semantic Aura of Antropoetonym Motria in Epic “Mazepa” by Bohdan Lepkyi Studia Philologica (Філологічні студії) : зб. наук. пр. (9). pp. 85-92. ISSN 2311-2425

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Attention of scientists is attracted by poetonyms of certain works, by individual author’s peculiarities of the selection of naming, as well as by national and cultural factors that determine the use of those or other types of proper units in fiction. Despite the fact that the proper names of writings are increasingly becoming the object of research and there is forming the theory of poetic onomastics, there is still a lack of special studies, devoted to such a layer of vocabulary of proper names as mythonymy and biblical proper names, especially its use in artistic works. One of the most controversial issues of poetics of proper names is the problem of attitude towards names that function in a work of art, coinciding simultaneously with the proper names of real historical persons. The question of interpretation of real names and poetonyms is still relevant to researchers. The poetonyms are secondary nominations, which represent fictitious, not real denotate, that exist in the author’s imagination. The artistic image of any historical person is a fake name, that is, fictitious relative to reality. On the example of works by Bohdan Lepkyi the article analyses the criteria for differentiation between poetonyms and homonymous real names, which are based on different denotative-significative relations in these names. Great attention is paid to parallel the author draws between Motria and other historical individuals, biblical proper names, and mythopoetonyms. It is found out that Bohdan Lepkyi used a lot of documentary material and generally respected historicity in typical romantic features. For example, his Motria, by Ukrainian literary tradition, has an inflated level of national consciousness. It is traced the methods used by Bohdan Lepkyi for the nomination of the main character of Motria Kochubei in the cycle of works about Mazepa. It is proved by an example of the anthropoetonym “Motria” that proper names of various types are capable to reflect historical and national colour in the works. And thanks to the mythonyms and biblical names, used by Bohdan Lepkyi for the designation and comparison of Motria Kochubei, it is created individual author’s literary images that interact with each other, form certain associations, complement the content and mutually enrich themselves.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: anthropoetonym; biblical proper name; mythopoetonym; semantics; poetonym; vocabulary of proper name;
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