The psychological influence of open and enclosed spaces on the regulation of motor activity

Поляничко, Олена Миколаївна and Лопатенко, Георгій Олегович and Білецька, Вікторія Вікторівна and Ясько, Лілія Володимирівна and Спесивих, Олена Олександрівна and Єретик, Анатолій Анатолійович (2018) The psychological influence of open and enclosed spaces on the regulation of motor activity Journal of Physical Education and Sport (2). 703 -705. ISSN 2247 - 806X

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A study of the psychological influence of open and enclosed spaces on the regulation of motor activity was conducted. During the process, some exhibited primary adaptation to the space, and others exhibited mental disadaptation under extreme conditions. In total, 350 students from Kyiv higher educational institutions who were from 17 to 23 years old participated in the study. The study revealed the influence of the perception of open and enclosed spaces on the regulation of movements in extreme conditions when in the mountains at altitudes from 2000 m to 5000 m above sea level and in caves (horizontal: from 40 km to 200 km, vertical: from 60 m to 150 m). The group stayed inside the caves for 3, 6, and 12 hours. All the subjects exhibited an increase in tonic activity in their angular and temporal dimensions during the stay in the caves. When defining the distances (spatial extension), there were errors in the direction of reducing the actual length of the path while staying in an open vs. an enclosed space. During the stay in the enclosed space, 71% of the subjects underwent a sharp shift in the balance of their autonomic nervous systems in favour of the sympathetic region. In total, the subjects exhibited a 14% higher superiority of the sympathetic region of the autonomic nervous system in the enclosed space than when exposed to open space. The enclosed space causes more stress to the mental state, requires more effort to adapt and overcome the stressful situation, mobilizes the forces of the organism under extreme situations, and increases the consumption of energy resources. The time microintervals (perception of the subjective one-minute time interval) and the tonic activity were studied at different heights (2500 m, 3000 m, 3500 m, 4000 m) and are subject to certain patterns and show a positive correlation (p < 0.05).

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: perception; open and enclosed spaces; regulation; motor activity.
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