Індивідуально-авторська версія національної ідентичності в романах італійського письменника Джорджо Щербаненка «Приватна Венера» та «Тенета зради»

Вишницька, Юлія Василівна and Коломоєць, Олена (2018) Індивідуально-авторська версія національної ідентичності в романах італійського письменника Джорджо Щербаненка «Приватна Венера» та «Тенета зради» Manuscript: Класична спадщина і сучасний літературний процес / Редкол: Ю. І. Ковбасенко (голов. ред.), Гальчук О.В. (випуск. ред.) та ін. – К.: Київський університет імені Бориса Грінченка. – 2018. – № 6 (1) (6). pp. 11-22. ISSN 966 – 7486 – 15

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The article deals with the individual and authorial version of the national identity in the detective novels of the Italian writer Giorgio Shcherbanenko «Venere Privata» and «Traditori di tutti». Scientific research was written in order to distinguish the figurative and motivational dominants that are used to represent the national identity in the fiction and to analyze their functions in the detective stories mentioned above. The paper represents the opinions of researchers about the phenomenon of identity in relation to the processes of industrialization, socialization and the environmental development, as well as language as one of the main means of identification. Here are classified and described the main markers of identity representation in the literature, namely the language, the social palette and the background. The special attention is paid to the means and peculiarities of their reflection in the Italian crime fiction, based on the novels of G. Shcherbanenko «Venere Privata» and «Traditori di tutti»: locus criminalis - the background as an alternative to the classical narrative about the crime, the detailed descriptions of antagonistic criminal structures as representatives of negative identities, stylistic accents (reiterations, epithets, metaphors, oxymorons) on the details of everyday life and the Milanese dialect. On the basis of the text fragments were examined the particular characteristics of author's style of writing as well as his innovative way of Italian reality representation, what is considered to be one of the main markers of identity. The urgency of the research is determined by the fact that it was Giorgio Shcherbanenko who gave an impulse to the launch of a new process of cultural and literary identification, which reflection in fiction is noted for the lack of scientific works both in Ukraine and in other European countries.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: identity; national identity; negative identity; crime fiction; detective novel
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Date Deposited: 04 Jan 2019 08:10
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