Innovation in technology of a sense of rhythm among students in solfeggio classes

Ходоровська, Ірина Миколаївна (2018) Innovation in technology of a sense of rhythm among students in solfeggio classes Музичне мистецтво в освітологічному дискурсі (3). pp. 116-120. ISSN 2518-766Х

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The article reveals one of the topical issues of modern musical and pedagogical education, concerning the usage of innovative technologies in the musical-theoretical preparation of art university students. The author of the article emphasizes that modern scientific and pedagogical thought is one of the efficient means of increasing the efficiency of the educational process recognizing the application of pedagogical technologies. Accordingly, the author analyzes the existing approaches to understanding the concept of "pedagogical technology" and concludes for all, the focus is on the guaranteed learning outcomes due to the teacher’s consistent actions in achieving the set learning goals. The author considers the development of the sense of the rhythm of students in solfeggio classes as an active process, the result of which is a deep, active understanding of the organization of the musical composition in time. A brief methodical review of exercises from the development of the sense of rhythm in classes solfeggio allowed the author to choose those of them, which compose the basis of pedagogical technology. They include: rhythmic sketches; rhythmic dictations; conducting and timing; different ways of rhythmization, rhythm-solmization; rhythmic transposition; rhythmic canons; rhythmic accompaniment with using the simplest shock and noise instruments; rhythmic transformation; rhythmic improvisation; warehouse-rhythmization and others. For today, the author of the article notes that the processes of informatization and computerization are actively implemented in the educational space. This affects the active use of innovative technologies in the learning process. In particular, the author outlines a number of computer programs for the development of a sense of rhythm, which can be used in classes solfeggio in higher art educational institutions. Among them: the MusicGoals Rhythm program, GNU Solfege, Ear Master and Sibelius Auralia 4. According to the author, only an organic combination of innovative technologies with traditional methods of training allows you to get optimal results in this direction.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: solfeggio; musical art; sense of rhythm; educational system; innovative technologies; pedagogical technologies; educational process
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