Pedagogical Conditions of Formation of Humane Relations of Senior Preschool Children.

Гончаренко, Алла Миколаївна (2003) Pedagogical Conditions of Formation of Humane Relations of Senior Preschool Children. PhD thesis, Академія педагогічних наук України.

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In the dissertation there was made a study of problem of formation of humane relationships of children of preschool age under conditions of preschool institutions. As a result of study of theory of question, where historical and psycho-pedagogical foreshortenings of formation of system of views were considered, own aspect of research relative to the peculiarities of formation of humane relations in period of changing of priorities was defined. There was also determined the specificity of mono- and different sexual groups, their predomination and influence upon manifestation of relations. In accordance with the aim and hypothesis of the research work the conception of humane relations as a selective treatment of a man to another one maintaining personal commencement was concretized. There were defined the criteria of formation of humane relations and its indices of children of senior preschool age. It was also grounded and worked out the matter, forms, pedagogical conditions and the methods ofpedagogic influence. The adapted method consisted of three in content consecutively complicated stages and presupposed the stirring up of perceptive activity, the development of emotionally perceptible sphere and the adjusting-conductive activity. It has become known that personally appreciative component that influences upon the formation of personal relationships moulds just in children of preschool age. We consider likening and sympathy that affirm the impact of system of valuable understandings as a principle of a fully-fledged communication. We have come to the conclusion that the relationships of a preschool child in his family have a great influence upon the relations with children of the same age under conditions of a preschool educational institution. Positive forms of communication with the members of the family contribute to the accumulation of social experience of a child and ensure children with the atmosphere of perception each other as they are. In the dissertation the sexual modification of relations, which arise on the background of communication, was corroborated. In senior preschool age mono sexual groups of children predominate, but it doesn't except different sexual contacts. This research was also aimed at studying qualitative characteristics of levels of formation of humane relations of preschool children according to the following criterion: cognitive (realization of advantage of humane over antihuman, capacity to draw a moral conclusion), emotional (mental search and emotional-psychological reaction on humane deeds); regulative-behavioral (constructiveness of transformation of image-regulator by means of action with support upon the human norms in communication). The proved method of pedagogical influence showed the increse of qualitative and quantitative index of humane relations. The following pedagogical conditions contribute to the formation of humane relationships: stablishing in a preschool institution and a constant maintaining of favourable pedagogical atmosphere of relations between adult and adult, child and another child of the same age, adult and child; building of educational process on the basis of absolute acceptance of personality his positive qualities and drawbacks; providing needs of preschool children with contacts of moral valuable orientation; transformation of norms and rules of humane behavior from the imaginative into the real plan of practical action by means of comprehension and correction on the basis of foreseeing of result.

Item Type: Thesis (PhD)
Uncontrolled Keywords: formation, humane relations, orientation on the partner, pedagogical conditions, sexual belonging.
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