Modern computer technologies in the art of embroidery

Варивончик, Анастасія Віталіївна (2019) Modern computer technologies in the art of embroidery Наукові записки Тернопільського національного педагогічного університету імені Володимира Гнатюка. (1). pp. 228-234.

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Globalization is most often associated with a negative impact on culture. But at the same time, globalization allows the culture to go beyond the boundaries of ethnic or national constraints, and in the context of preserving national identity – to revive, engage in support and promote the development of better folk traditions. Among those in Ukraine, among other things, is the art of embroidery. The art of embroidering in Ukraine has a rich history of development and improvement, which resulted in the acquisition of a powerful arsenal of various techniques and practically unlimited variety of artistic patterns, shapes, stitches, elements of their combinations and combinations (motives), tonal, textured and colorful effects, etc. Embroidery was and remains one of the most popular types of folk art, and its technical, technological and artistic achievements are an inexhaustible source of inspiration and a model for imitation in the design and manufacture of Ukrainian clothing for centuries. Ukrainian embroidery continues to be used in contemporary art, which we can consider in clothing and everyday items. The said wealth of technical and technological tools for embroidery art, besides the hard work of masters and craftsmen, also entails technical progress, the achievement of which has affected the quality of materials and tools, in particular, especially in the fabrication of fabrics and threads. Their technical quality (durability multiplied by the reduction of the intersection), and especially the colorful variety allowed the embroidery in the work of the masters to make successful attempts to go beyond the natural framework of “applied” significance and to become in line with the traditional branches of fine arts. For embroidery, the fact that from time immemorial was considered the prerogative of painting: a genre painting, an icon, a landscape, a still life, a panno, a portrait. Today, masters-embroiderers and admirers of applied art and artistic creativity are still interested in hand embroidery. At the time of scientific and technological progress, the achievements of the 21st century are used, performing the technique of “cross” through schemes developed by the latest technologies. Circuits for embroidery “cross” are of varying complexity and subject matter, and the execution of their own author’s drawing for embroidery requires free time and effort. The implementation of the master’s creative plan takes place after the coordination of all the details and the sketch sketches, after which the scheme for embroidery is executed. In time, computer technology embroiderer created a picture on paper, and then transferred it to a cloth on memory and using the main lines, carried out by a seam “forward needle”, placed on the fabric cells “net”, taking into account the threads of the base and duct. The work carried out on the account of threads for the placement of ornament took a considerable amount of time and in the case of loss of one or several threads the picture was shaken and the work was subject to spraying, which also took a lot of forces and time, after which again had to embroider the drawing. Innovative processes have made it possible for the embroiderer to apply the latest means by which, after creating a picture or a photo that the wizard likes and wants to embroider, it is possible to import the image into a schematic using a computer program. Each of the programs has two versions: the first program provides the ability to preview the scheme that was previously created; the second one is creating and editing images for embroidery. In our time there is a large number of developed computer programs for creating patterns of embroidery, they are both for manual embroidery, and for embroidery machines. We will consider a small number of cross-embroidery applications in living environments and this is: EmbroBox, Handbag, Pattern Makerfor Cross-Stitch and Other, methods of application that can be done in a preparatory process, and up to you. Also, as an example, the program “Crеstik” is provided for translating the threaded thread numbers for embroidery. The order of observance of efficiency requirements, executed only from the higher side and computing position (it is possible to prepare a fake fabric) is offered. To cancel the finished product should follow the size, under which the basic principles, so as not to exceed the number of justified children, after execution, if decisive and finished, it is issued and decorated. In the XXI century, with the use of digital technologies, the range of manufacturing of embroidered works is expanding thanks to computer technologies. On the example of hand-made embroidery “cross”, new opportunities for the distribution of ornament in Ukrainian clothes are opened, which has always been and remains the embodiment of the material and spiritual needs of a person, fulfilling the necessary social, domestic and ritual functions. However, the most important vocation of embroidery remains its congenital purpose – to be an ornament of clothing and interior. And scientific and technological innovations certainly influenced the quality of creating schemes for embroidery and the rapid further development of embroidery art.

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