Mastering your body and your health resources: from theoretical scientific developments to individual comprehension

Мієр, Тетяна Іванівна and Городюк, Лариса and Паламар, Світлана Павлівна and Бондаренко, Геннадій Леонідович (2019) Mastering your body and your health resources: from theoretical scientific developments to individual comprehension Wiadomości Lekarskie. pp. 2121-2127. ISSN 0043-5147

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The phenomenon of "health", being studied on an interdisciplinary basis, does not appear as the property that automatically belongs to the subject, since it is not inherited by the "natural" property, but is regarded as something that everyone needs to master the same way as the outside reality, in other words, to constantly teach your body to different movements, actions, types of activities, to know the resources of their own health and to develop their ability to serve them throughout their lives as a certain ability. The aim of the study is to provide theoretical substantiation and experimental verification of the appropriateness of considering health in the context of the inner world of man as a process of mastering the body and resources of his own health. Also in clarifying the factors that negatively affect the health of people aged 13 to 60 years. PATIENTS AND METHODS: Materials and methods: in the work, a set of methods is used: general scientific (analysis, synthesis, comparison, systematization, generalization) and empirical (observation, conversation, questionnaires). RESULTS: Results: consideration of the phenomenon of "health" is carried out with an emphasis on the inner world of man, in particular on the natural, social and spiritual grounds. It has been established that the content of the inner world exists in the child from the very moment of its birth and is unknowingly expressed by it in various types of activity (crying, movements). The formation of a natural origin is caused by the gradual ripening of various structures of the nervous system, which causes the transition from disorderly movements to clear and harmonious and the process of mastering his body on the basis of mastering one or another action, types of activity. The social origin, occurring and often changing under the influence of human interaction with others, is to a large extent caused by the improvement and deterioration of health. For the formation of a spiritual beginning, it is important to contemplate the spirituality of others (the attitude to health as a social and personal value) and the discovery of a spiritual principle in itself. CONCLUSION: Conclusions: educational activity of teachers, aimed at understanding people of different ages in the process of mastering the body and resources of their own health, will serve the formation of their inner world, the conscious elevation of health to the rank of personal values and the understanding of the essence of health as the ability of a person which is used throughout his life.

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