Nebelivka: From Magnetic Prospection to New Features of Mega-Sites

Videiko, Mykhailo and Burdo, Nataliia (2016) Nebelivka: From Magnetic Prospection to New Features of Mega-Sites Trypillia-Megasites and European Prehistory/Themes in Contempirary Archaeology (2). pp. 95-116. ISSN 2056-6174; 2057-1011

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The international project at Nebelivka included three field seasons, funded by grants obtained by Prof. John Chapman (Durham University, UK).1 The Institute of Archaeology of NAS Ukraine, for its part, has provided researchers, obtained the necessary permits for excavations, organized the storage of finds and worked with them, and worked on the field reports. The Kirovohrad region provided administrative support, plus cooperation with the Vynnychenko University and the Kirovohrad Museum of Natural History. During four seasons at Nebelivka, several objects were investigated which changed the image of megasites. They were large public buildings (‘megastructure’), fortifications (symbolic ditch or real palisade), and a kiln (Figure 14). This ‘triad’ marked such wellknown features of urbanization, as monumental architecture and developed craft, which as some people still believe, were totally absent in Trypillia (see, for example, Tolochko, 2015: 32). Magnetic prospection discovered not only one large building, but also an impressive system of more than ten smaller objects, which later became common features for other mega-sites, like Dobrovody, Petreni, and Maidanetske. The kiln explored at Nebelivka is now the earliest of eight similar devices, discovered in 2013–2014 at Trypillia sites in Ukraine. The characteristics of the furnace put a stop to long discussions of whether there was a developed craft economy at large sites or not. Investigations of the households,which included houses and pits, were important for the reconstruction of different aspects of life at the large sites. New data obtained during excavations in Nebelivka substantially complemented data from large Trypillia settlements.

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