Methods of teaching solo singing in high school

Марцинківський, Олег Олександрович (2019) Methods of teaching solo singing in high school Педагогіка формування творчої особистості у вищій і загальноосвітній школах, 2 (66). pp. 48-52. ISSN 1992-5786

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The aim of the work is to expand the methodological and general scientific basis, on the foundation of which a modern domestic system of education of vocal art specialists is being formed. Author's goal - to share their own methodological experiences and experience gained over many years vocal performing and pedagogical activity. The research methodology is to apply complex of general scientific methods: theoretical (analysis, synthesis, comparison, generalization) - for analysis of scientific and methodological literature within the researched problem, generalization of theo- rhetorical and practical data, system - to analyze the learning process of vocalists; empirical (observation, self-observation, discussion) - for retrospective analysis of the author's experience etc. As you know, the ability to deliver sounds smoothly, fully, artistically, without register breaking is considered is one of the main features of the professional level of the singer. In addition, the teacher needs to give to the student knowledge of the most common voice diseases and ways to avoid them, and if necessary - treatment. According to the author, a young singer should know how to keep his voice in working order for a long time, be aware of the consequences and diseases that may result from improper operation voice machine. The singer should not be dependent on the acoustics of the room where he sings. So The classroom where the classes are held must be muted (for example, sound-absorbing) materials on the walls and ceiling). Fulfilling this condition will significantly help the singer to learn to control regardless of the acoustics of the hall, will have a positive impact on its future concert activities. ness. One of the most important principles of work on voice production is individuality. In the classroom, in addition to the accompanist, only the teacher and the student must work. This process requires concentration all the attention of the teacher and the student. The article contains the main provisions of the author's own method of teaching the vocals of the publication published for the first time in order to expand the methods and forms of work in the teaching process discipline "Solo singing" in high school. The use of the main presented in the author's methodology principles, forms and methods of teaching solo singing in high school provides a basis for the education of the new generation of skilled singers who are able to resist the low-quality phenomena of pop culture, inte- to play oneself in world vocal art, to raise domestic vocal performance to the level the latter without losing touch with national traditions. The post reflects the personal the author's opinion, supported by his own many years of experience, does not claim to be exhaustive and opens prospects for further research in the field of vocal performance and education.

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