Development education project in Ukraine to improve the quality of media literacy: a case of Mediaschool Grinchenko University

Горбенко, Галина Василівна and Нетреба, Маргарита Миколаївна (2020) Development education project in Ukraine to improve the quality of media literacy: a case of Mediaschool Grinchenko University EDULEARN20 Proceedings. pp. 6849-6855. ISSN 2340-1117

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The history of development of media literacy in Ukraine began in 2010 when the application of the “Concept of Media Education in Ukraine” was launched, whose main objective is to promote the development of an effective media education system in Ukraine in order to ensure comprehensive preparation of children and young people for safe and efficient interaction with modern system of media, formation of media awareness, media literacy and media competence in accordance with their age and individual characteristics. In order to implement the concept of media education in higher school a working group of the Institute of Journalism from Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University presented the educational project “Mediaschool Grinchenko University” in 2016. This project contributes to the development of an effective media education system in the country, in order to provide comprehensive training for children, young people to secure and effective interaction with the modern media system, to develop their media awareness, media literacy and media competence, according to age and individual characteristics. The value of media education is that it can help every person to achieve informational freedom which is necessary for development and professional activity, for creating and expressing personal point of view and position. The wider and more intensive citizens are informed, the more amount of people will acquire basic skills of media awareness. And namely this factor determines the relevance of this very project. The article represents a step-by-step plan of creation, development and popularization of the educational project “Mediaschool Grinchenko University” with the help of modern information and communication technologies. The target audience of Mediaschool Grinchenko University project, such as pupil, student, teacher, businessman was analyzed with a help of a system-analytical method. This article consider each of the target groups identified in the project program in detail, outline the competitive advantages for each group and formulate curriculum. The communication channels with the target audience are defined, as well as the effectiveness of the promotion of the educational project through web analytics and surveys. The functioning of Media school has the following indicators for the last 3 years (November 2016 - November 2019): more than 130 students and 600 representatives of other categories who have attended different courses. The next promising step in the development of “Mediaschool Grinchenko University” project is the creation of an online platform where students of educational programs will be able to study remotely in their spare or study time. Therefore, the project of “Mediaschool Grinchenko University”can be turned into the Kyiv Media Education Center as a medium of interaction between people of any generation, scientists, experts, coaches, specialists of the media sphere for one purpose - the media literacy of the Ukrainians.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: educational project; media school; media education; media competence; media literacy; social networks.
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Date Deposited: 08 Oct 2020 10:10
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