Contents characteristics of the university students 'corporate culture

Бровко, Катерина Андріївна (2020) Contents characteristics of the university students 'corporate culture Педагогіка формування творчої особистості у вищій і загальноосвітній школах, 2 (69). pp. 42-46. ISSN 1992-5786

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The article is devoted to characterization of components of students' corporate culture from the point of view of different scientific approaches, namely: value-normative component, game, image, organizational, communication, social-psychological relations, sign-symbolic, external identification. It is proved that the identified components of corporate culture of university students correspond to such personal characteristics as: social activity, divergence of behavior, mobility of behavior, empathy, stability of personality, communicativeness. The author defines the concepts of “corporate culture”, which is considered as a system of common beliefs, beliefs, values, which serves as a direction for the support of corporate personality behavior. As well as the structure of corporate culture, which is seen as a system of material and spiritual values, predictions, beliefs, expectations, norms and styles of behavior that are supported by most students, and determines the way they act and interpersonal interaction in professional and daily activities. The functions of corporate culture are outlined. Structural components of corporate culture of student youth are identified, such as: external attributes (symbolism, colors, appearance of buildings, equipment, furniture, slogans, corporate identity, organizational ceremonies, etc.); internal values and norms, strategies of behavior (beliefs, values, rituals, taboos, images and myths related to the activity of the organization, accepted norms of communication). The characteristics of student age are presented in accordance with each of the components of corporate culture of students. The structure of corporate culture of students in the educational environment of the university, which contains emotional and value (moral values and attitudes, personality beliefs, motives of corporate personality culture); cognitive (the set of scientific and theoretical knowledge about corporate culture in general and about the corporate culture of the individual, in particular the set of knowledge presenting corporate culture); activity (activity, behavior, communication, interaction, activity); reflexive (tendency to perceive all sides of your “I”, to accept yourself in the fullness of behavioral manifestations) components

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Uncontrolled Keywords: institution of higher education; content characteristics; component structure; components; corporate culture; future specialists; personality; students; university
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