Magtymguly Pyragy (Mahtumkuli Fragi) lyrics in the translations in Ukrainian

Васьків, Микола Степанович (2020) Magtymguly Pyragy (Mahtumkuli Fragi) lyrics in the translations in Ukrainian Ankara II. Uluslararasi bilimsel araştirmalar kongresi.. pp. 183-199. ISSN 978-625-7914-49-9

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The name of the classic of Turkmen and world literature Magtymguly Pyragy (Makhtumkuli Fragi) was widely popularized in all republics of the USSR. Readers were not very familiar with his work, including in Ukraine, despite the presence of several publications with translations of his lyrics. The first Magtymguly’s works collection with translations into Ukrainian was published in 1962, with a scanty circulation of 1,100 copies. The collection includes 46 texts. It was translated by (from one to nine works) 13 poets. The quality of the translation, the reproduction of the content and form were quite high, except that Volodymyr Sosyura reproduced the Turkmen stanza of the peal on with a quatrain with a cross rhyme. Almost perfect were translations of Mykola Tereshchenko and Vasyl’ Mysyk. It is noteworthy that the collection was notable for the variety of motives of Magtyguly’s poetry, not only love, moral, ethical, patriotic lyrics, but also mystical-Sufi. The book “Makhtumkulі. Trains” three times reprinted, which had one translator – Pavlo Movchan in 1983. This was the most complete publication of Pyragy’s translations into Ukrainian language. It was 117 works of the poet were included in the collection. P. Movchan learned a little Turkmen, although he translated by interlinear. The translator carefully studied the studies of Magtymguly’s work. Those works on the history of Turkmenistan, Turkmen culture, the history of Islam in Central Asia, especially on the history of Sufism, its essence, the symbolism of Sufi lyrics, as evidenced by a very informative and deep introduction to the publication. The same allowed P. Movchan to very accurately reproduce the contents of Pyragy’s lyrics. It was a versatility balancing between concrete-sensual images of love lyrics and philosophical and mystical Sufi symbolism. Pavlo Movchan is a classic of Ukrainian poetry of the twentieth century, which allowed him to very finely and accurately reproduce the peculiarities of the form of the Magtymguly’s poems and songs. First of all, this concerns the rhyming of pean on (abab cccb dddb eeeb etc.), as well as Muhammas and Mussaddas. Movchan translated syllabic-tonic syllabic verses made by Pyragy. It was traditionally for Ukrainian poetry. To get closer to the rhythm of the original, the translator avoided two-syllable feet, combined three-syllable feet with caesuras characteristic of Magtymguly’s poetry. A great contribution to Ukrainian Turkmenology and magtymulydenie was the book written by Olexiy Kononenko “The Great Poet of the Great People” (2014). It was history and culture, Translations of texts was about Turkmenistan. This book includes several poems by many Turkmen poets and 39 works by Magtymguly’s (38 are translated by O. Kononenko and one is translated by O. Bozhenko). O. Kononenko relied on the traditions of the two previous editions of translations, very accurately and gracefully reproduced the content and form of Pyragy’s poems, although he did not avoid using Russims and some deviations from the original form. The Ukrainian reader has the opportunity to get a fairly complete picture of the work of Magtymguly Pyragy, the richness of its content and form, although small print runs impede this to a large extent.

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