Mark Twain as a progressive writer: A study of writer’s style

Альошина, Марина Дмитрівна (2020) Mark Twain as a progressive writer: A study of writer’s style Науковий вісник Херсонського державного університету (2). pp. 86-92. ISSN 2312-3206

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Mark Twain’s figure is very contradictory as well as his creative work. His most famous works were banned and were censured but, after all, his works were recognized as embodiment of his unique individual style. Moreover, Mark Twain’s innovative style was reproduced into different languages, thus, translators had to search for substandard approaches in order to reproduce its determinant features. The writer uses the language of American province, in particular south-western dialect, Missouri negro dialect and Pike Country dialect and its modifications, which are the cornerstones of approach in translation of his works. The language of characters has features of colloquialism, full of slang, idioms, and substandard tense forms, misspelled words, incomplete sentences, interjections etc. The individuality of each character and their territory belonging is shown through the combination of different dialects and the combination of high and low style. The writer performed literary revolution and created a new style of writing. Twain used different languages to make language vivid and realistic. Their skillful combination is the peculiarity of his style, which makes his books interesting and attractive for readers. Mark twain individualizes the language of his characters in order to show real life from all its aspects. Besides. Dialect shows territory belonging of his characters. With the help of dialects and their different forms Mark twain makes effects of irony and humor. The use of living people’s lexicon combined with the use of different forms of dialects yields peculiarity to Mark Twain’s individual style. Character’s speech is marked with idioms, elliptic constructions, interjections. Besides, the writer used highly expressive words trying to show individuality of his characters through their speech. All this helped to reproduce pictures of people’s life, manners and customs credibly. The analysis showed that invariant features of Mark twain’s individual style are dialects, colloquialisms, phraseology and idioms. Other features that are typical for the writer are: interjections, tropes, repetitions and substandard grammar constructions.

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