The concept of VALHALLA in language and in a subcultural worldview.

Колесник, Олександр Сергійович (2020) The concept of VALHALLA in language and in a subcultural worldview. Науковий вісник Дрогобицького державного педагогічного університету імені Івана Франка. Серія: Філологічні науки (мовознавство) (14). pp. 83-90.

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The article tackles verbal signs designating the concept of Valhalla in Old Norse and present-day English. The analysis is carried out within the framework of the multidisciplinary approach encompassing fundamentals of universalia-oriented studies, myth-oriented semiosis theory and M-logic methodology. Valhalla is identified as a sub-space, a structural component of an OTHERWORLD within a multiverse. A world is regarded as an informational system correlating with a real (mythic, quasi-real, imaginary, fake etc.) state of affairs that is hierarchically yet not rigidly structured. The paper identifies basic features of VALHALLA as a container of violently damaged systems undergoing “upgrade procedures”. The respective concept is described from the “outer” and “inner” perspectives thus highlighting its status on the “real – imaginary” scale as well as its status in the systems’ hierarchical relations. The paper discusses cognitive models as the basis of the designation units verbalizing VALHALLA in Old Norse texts. The said models are compared to those constituting the cognitive premises of the language units denoting VALHALLA in present-day English lyrics of rock performers. Semantics of Old Norse designation units correlates with prototypic mythic (axiomatic) senses. English designation units reflect segments of a subcultural world represented by modified (noematic) senses. The generalizations are provided with the help of formal logical notations. The latter demonstrate the expansion of the model “Valhalla – destination” as well as extensive positive axiological connotations of the phrase-level designation construals. Conceptual and semantic transformations of the inchoative propositionally encoded features are regarded as manifestations of noemo-genesis (fluid generation of contextually relevant senses regarding a certain state of affairs). The obtained results are discussed in terms of alternative world’s modeling while the designations of VALHALLA are interpreted as landmarks providing navigation towards a state of affairs arguably more attractive than the one of the “primary” world’s configuration.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: multiverse; other world; semantics; operator; Valhalla
Subjects: Статті у наукометричних базах > Index Copernicus
Статті у журналах > Фахові (входять до переліку фахових, затверджений МОН)
Divisions: Факультет романо-германської філології > Кафедра германської філології
Depositing User: Професор Олександр Сергійович Колесник
Date Deposited: 01 Mar 2021 07:21
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