New faces of a new war: the discourse of a warrior and war in the documentary script by Dario Fertilio and Elena Ponomareva "People and Cyborgs"

Бондарева, Олена Євгенівна (2021) New faces of a new war: the discourse of a warrior and war in the documentary script by Dario Fertilio and Elena Ponomareva "People and Cyborgs" Al-Farabi 9th International Conference on Social Sciences 'Nakhchivan' University, Azerbaijan May 2-4, 2021. pp. 245-249.

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The script "People and Cyborgs", created for the European reader by the Ukrainian translator Elena Ponomareva and the Italian journalist Dario Fertilio, which exists in the original Italian version of "Uomini e cyborg" and the adapted Ukrainian version, is analyzed. This text fits into the general context of works about the defenders of Donetsk airport in 2014-2015: the book of the American war correspondent Sergei Loiko "Airport" in Russian, Ukrainian and English versions; documentary film by Leonid Kanter and Ivan Yasniy “Volunteers of the Lord's Couple”; full-length feature film directed by Akhtem Seitablaev “Cyborgs. Heroes Don't Die ”, based on a script by Natalia Vorozhbit. After World War II, the cyborg entered the humanitarian discourse as a "technological artifact" combining cybernetic and organic matter, as well as a "cultural image" bearing the features of a superhero, later a posthuman. In 2014, in the context of a hybrid war of the 21st century in the occupied Ukrainian territory, “cyborgs” in different discourses - in journalistic, political, media, art - began to call the unyielding defenders of Donetsk airport, who held their positions longer than the legendary for the Russian and Soviet history of the defense of Stalingrad. The first use of the cyborg metaphor as a new sign of war in the 21st century belongs to Russian mercenaries in the Donbas, which was recorded by intercepted radio communications. The text is written not as a recreation of psychologically accurate images and historically valid chronology, but as a discourse about Ukrainian cyborgs: the Ukrainian soldiers introduced into the play at the Donetsk airport are impersonal, they are more generalized models than individual outstanding heroes or vivid literary images. The text "People and Cyborgs" is focused on Brecht and his epic theater: the alternation of dramatic action and epic narrative, a tribute to Brecht's "alienation effect", the possibility of performing different roles by the same actors and, finally, the cross-cutting use of zongs - poems of modern Ukrainian poets about a new war. The non-conformist nature of the Ukrainian Revolution of Dignity for European authors sounds like an example of a new European identity, which in the 21st century also requires new, modern formats of personification of the army, ready to fight for it. Ukrainian cyborgs just occupy a niche of one of these historical and artistic personifications.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: literature of fact; new imagery; cyborg metaphor; epic theater; poetry of war
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