Competence approach to learning: theoretical analysis

Овсієнко Людмила Миколаївна (2018) Competence approach to learning: theoretical analysis 75732.

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The competence approach, viewing it from the point of its aim and tasks is not a new phenomenon in the world practice. There are some specific views about this approach in the study, but didactics, linguistic didactics and psychologists are viewing it in different ways. This publication analyses the points of view of some scientists to the problem of the competence approach to the study and recommends their own meaning. Besides, the author distinguishes main factors of the competence directed education of the students, which all together contribute to increase of qualified specialists at Ukrainian higher schools to the level of international standards. The proposed study affirms ambiguity and differences in the interpretation of the term of the competence approach and its variety in the realization in the teaching process of high school From the point of view of modern researchers, the analyzed approach is directed to formation of professional and personal qualities, organizational abilities, and skills to take decisions and claim responsibilities, possess some communicative qualities, abilities to evaluate social processes and determine their place in professional activity as well as finding ways of its improvement. The competence approach in higher education foresees learning by doing, which sense is the point, that students work on gaining and widening of their personal experience of solving real tasks, learn and develop abilities to adapt to any situation and take rational decisions. As a result of competence learning we see not the students’ knowledge but his/her abilities to solve the problems, which occur in the process of professional and social activities, as well as in personal relations. Implementation of the analyzed in this reception approach will amend the education process and the process of upbringing of the future specialists of all activity spheres including philologists. The teaching result should be seen not only as high level of personal knowledge but as the complex of competences and skills, which identify person’s ability to act in professional atmosphere and social practice. As a conclusion the author affirms that the competence approach is a system of principals, technologies, methods, ways, means, forms of education, upbringing and development of the future specialist who are directed to work out in theirselves key and subject competences and guarantee height level and effectiveness in professional and public activity

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