Literary Journalism. Dialogues and Communicative Strategies in English Content.

Харченко, Олег Валентинович (2021) Literary Journalism. Dialogues and Communicative Strategies in English Content. Вчені записки Таврійського національного університету ім. В.І.Вернадського Серія "Філологія, ЖурналістикаЄ, 32(71) (1, 21). pp. 214-222. ISSN 27104664

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Literary Journalism. Dialogues and Communicative Strategies in English Content. The article spotlights tackles the phenomena of the English-speaking literary journalism, as a direction of non-fiction, mixing literary styles and narrative techniques, rendering the exact information in features, opinion articles, chronicles, travel blogs, listicles, biographies, essays, and so on. The article singles out the communication strategies and tactics, stylistic and literary devices, employed in literature, and in journalism and nonfiction by English-speaking writers. Among the medley of literary tricks used in American and British literary journalism, it is important to stress a dialogue, a strict chronological structure, status details, and the discourse creation from the third-person perspective. In the article, the dialogue is defined in the classical meaning as communication and exchange of information or conversation in written or oral form between two or several speakers, as well as a literary or theatrical form that represents such exchange. The content analyses of American and British mass media, communicative analysis, stylistic analysis, as well as the monitoring and empirical identification of active options of dialogues, moving gradually from American and British literature into the literary journalism, relate to the main methods of survey and further analysis. As a result of the scholarly survey, a number of dialogues, shaping the plot of stories and features were pinpointed, the application of which leads to the diversification and amelioration of the quality of English multimedia content made by Ukrainian students, writers and journalists. Among them there were determined: Contradiction of Arguments; Cryptic Conversation; Deteriorating into Gibberish; Cultural Contrast; Appeal to family wisdom; Trial balloon dialogue; Blatant Lies; Con artist lies dialogue; Constant cheering; Berate and switch; Casual danger; Bread, Eggs, Milk, Squeak; Derailed Train of Thought; Digging Yourself Deeper; Volleying Insults; Insult backfire; . The strategies of confrontation, cooperation, entertainment and manipulation are determined as the main communication strategies for the majority of determined dialogues. The content analysis of 54 CNN and BBC feature articles is conducted reveling that the majority of article contain dialogues in the form of interview.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: dialogue; literary journalism; feature article; literary devices; communicative strategy; communicative tactics; stylistic figures
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