Problematic Issues of Approximation and Interpolation in Signal Processing in Secure Information Systems

Nehodenko, Olena and Shevchenko, Svitlana and Trintina, Nataliia and Astapenya, Volodymyr and Tereshchenko, Oleksandr (2021) Problematic Issues of Approximation and Interpolation in Signal Processing in Secure Information Systems Cybersecurity Providing in Information and Telecommunication Systems II 2021, 3187 (1). pp. 276-283. ISSN 1613-0073

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One of the basic indicators of information systems security is the availability and integrity of information. When transmitting a visual message, the signals are distorted due to the influence of various random factors. It is established that an ideal channel must have an absolutely rectangular frequency characteristic for the transmission of all components of the amplitude-frequency spectrum of a continuous random process without distortion and loss. Such frequency response is the result of a complex interaction of the parameters of the set of devices which are the part of the information transmission channel and perform the above procedures for conversion and signal processing. Some information and cybersecurity tasks require efficient interpolation, and in some situations a combination of interpolation and approximation techniques. The paper proposes a mathematical model of information signals based on fundamental trigonometric splines, which allow to take into account the differential properties of information signals. It is shown that it is feasible to use trigonometric splines as mathematical models of information signals, and it is more feasible to apply fundamental approximation trigonometric splines for recovery of signals as components of filters. The importance of this approach is explained by the fact that only fundamental functions are subject to processing when applying linear methods. This fact allows performing the necessary calculations for processing experimental data in two stages. In the first stage, calculations are performed related to the processing of fundamental functions (these calculations can be performed in advance). In the second stage, calculations are performed that take into account the values of the reproduced functions. It is shown that the method of phantom nodes should be used for interpolation of the useful signal in information networks, which allows to increase the accuracy of information processing.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Information system; interpolation; approximation; fundamental trigonometric splines; signal processing.
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