Autonomy of Economic Agents in Peer-to-Peer Systems

Obushnyi, Sergiy and Virovets, Denis and Hulak, Hennadii and Zhurakovskyi, Bohdan (2022) Autonomy of Economic Agents in Peer-to-Peer Systems Cybersecurity Providing in Information and Telecommunication Systems 2022, 3288 (1). pp. 125-133. ISSN 1613-0073

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The transition from a traditional economy to a digital economy based on Web 3.0 and blockchain technologies is accompanied by some changes in the structure of relations between participants. Such changes relate to the blurring of the concept of the ultimate beneficiary and the center of responsibility in the case when certain digital categories are behind this or that type of relationship, devoid of the center of control traditional for the economic system. As a rule, such relations between participants have a high level of autonomy and a low level of control by the state or traditional economic organizations. Thus, autonomous economical agents, as completely independent actor, using peer-to-peer economy platforms have the potential to have a large impact on values and behavior in society. Understanding of the economical level of autonomy in peer-to-peer systems of such agents requires analysis of their role in such and design of the control mechanisms in order to determine the benefits from positive effects and at the same time mitigate negative consequences from possible mistakes. This requires a structured overview of the levels of agent autonomy and its impact on the existing system. The purpose of this article is to structure the study of economic agent autonomy in peer-to-peer systems, taking into account the possibilities of the digital environment. The article also provides an overview and analysis of the main technological developments in the field of autonomous economic agents and decentralized autonomous organizations, characteristics and framework of economic autonomy of the agents, taking into account digital environment of peer-to-peer digital systems.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Autonomous economic agent; Web 3.0; peer-to-peer; blockchain; DAO; decentralized autonomous organization; P2P system
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