Аналіз і моделювання суспільно-політичних процесів у регіонах світу (арабські країни)

Саган, Галина Василівна (2023) Аналіз і моделювання суспільно-політичних процесів у регіонах світу (арабські країни) Київський університет імені Бориса Грінченка, Україна, Київ.

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The guide presents a number of topics that will analyze modern social and political processes in one of the regions of the world, namely in the countries of the Arab world. The educational material collected in the manual allows you to simulate certain aspects of the domestic and foreign policy of Arab countries. The originality of the guide lies in the fact that the author seeks to show the peculiarities of socio-political development and diversity of the countries of the Arab world, as well as, if available, their common trends in political, economic and international development in the modern age. For this purpose, the issues of the functioning of the authorities in the countries are considered, the role of the heads of state as political leaders is determined. The domestic and foreign policies of one or another head of the country, who recently ruled or are currently ruling the country, are analyzed. The manual contains systematized educational material, includes tasks and exercises for self-control of students, which contain various forms of tasks (tests, closed, open), variants of independent works, a wide list of literature and sources (including pure Internet sources and materials) for independent in-depth study discipline, creative and research work. For full-time, part-time, and distance education students of the magistracy of higher educational institutions.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Arab countries; socio-political development; Arab world
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