Morphonological processes in word-formation and accidence of the Old Ukrainian language in the second half of the XVI - XVIII cen

Русаченко, Наталя Павлівна (2004) Morphonological processes in word-formation and accidence of the Old Ukrainian language in the second half of the XVI - XVIII cen PhD thesis, Національна академія наук України.

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Thesis in candidacy for a Degree of Candidate of Science in Linguistics, Specialization 10.02.01 – Ukrainian language. – The Ukrainian language Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. – Kyiv, 2004. The Thesis contains investigation of the morphonological processes in word-formation and accidence of the Old Ukrainian language in the latter half of the XVI – XVIII century. The investigation was carried out on the basis of comparative, contextual and statistical methods. There has been made an attempt to retrace development of the morphonological ideas in the works of local and foreign linguists. The Thesis characterizes the status of morphonology in the system of linguistic levels, its investigation object, boundaries of the morphonological processes as well as terms and notions, that should be operated with in the morphonological studies. It also highlights peculiarities of historical morphonology and main aspects of its investigation. In-depth analysis of the morphonological processes in word-formation and accidence of the nominal parts of speech, verbs and accidence of adverbs are demonstrated in the Thesis. Special attention is drawn to the historical reasons of the morphonological modifications appearance as well as their role and character in the history of the Old Ukrainian language in the correspondent period. In particular, it is stated that vocalic alternations as means of the morphonological distinction of the word forms were the earliest to appear and they mainly constitute the ground for further development of the Indo-European alternations on the Slavic basis. The process of morphologisation of the consonant alternations took place only in Late Common Slavic and East Slavic periods. While analyzing the material it was figured out that morphonological processes showed different regularities of development in word-formation and accidence. In accidence morphonology recognition of the sign character of the alternations takes place under the condition of counting on their grammatical function, components of the derivational morphonology, on the contrary, are more complicated with regards to their semantic, since apart from the grammatical stems & formants derivational and onomasiological stems & formants are also very important. Therefore, realization of the morphonological processes in accidence is more predictable and universal than in word-formation. Alternations and linear stem modifications also show different specific, in particular, according to their functional role, nature and alternation type. Peculiarity of their functioning depends on the part of speech, the alternations and linear stems belong to, style of the ancient source book and period. The most productive types of the vowel gradation in the Old Ukrainian language of the XVI-XVIII cen. were the following: о ~ ø, е ~ ø as well as ø ~ о, ø ~ е. These particular types took part in the formation of the most important oppositions in accidence and word-formation. Consonant alternation had more applicable than vowel gradation and is represented by various types of alternational levels. Thus, alternations г ~ з′, к ~ ц′, х ~ с′ characterize only nominal accidence, whereas г ~ ж, к ~ ч, х ~ ш – verbal accidence and word-formation. Alternations ц ~ ч and ц′ ~ ч are less applicable in the paradigms of the nominal parts of speech; nevertheless they become more active in the adjective word-formation while creating nominal derivates and are specified in the nominal verbs. Verbal forms are characterized by з ~ ж and с ~ ш alternations, but in nominal accidence above-mentioned alternations are hardly met. The analyzed texts widely do show alternations д ~ ж, т ~ ч, д ~ дж, т ~ шч and alternations of labial sounds with labial sounds + sound [л′] in the verbal paradigm and while creating verbal nouns. Linear modifications are less active than alternation. Among them imposition has unlimited sphere of action, being more active in the adjective word-formation than in the nominal derivation. Syncopation and extension are productive in verbal paradigms whereas they are rarely met in nominal paradigms. In word-formation syncopation and extension show different level of activity (syncopation prevails). Syncopation, imposition and extension can also be used together with other types of morphonological processes. In general the system of the morphonological modifications in the Old Ukrainian language reaches rather high level of formation and hardly differs from the similar system of a new epoch; consequently we can talk of its almost complete inheritance by the New Ukrainian language . Part of the archaic modifications in the phonemic composition of morphemes, stated in the ancient source books, is either determined by dialectical influences or can serve as an example of unstable orthographical norms in the correspondent period. Manuscripts, ancient printed works and published texts of the commercial, belles-lettres, declamatory-predicant and popular-scientific styles and genres, that belong to the latter half of the XVI - XVIII cen., constitute the grounds for the Thesis preparation. Total number of the analyzed ancient cultural sources is 96; 6 abstracts with total word usage of 30 thousand examples have been used for the numeral calculation in the frontal analysis.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: alternation; second half of the XVI – XVIII cen.; linear stem modification; morphonology; accidence; word-formation; Old Ukrainian language; speech
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