Postmodernism reception of the myth (based on the material of europian novel's experience of the XX-th century)

Ліхоманова, Наталя Олександрівна (2001) Postmodernism reception of the myth (based on the material of europian novel's experience of the XX-th century) PhD thesis, Національна академія наук України.

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The thesis is dedicated to the problem of the myth's postmodernism reception, to the question of revealing the historical and artistic-aesthetic basis of myth's creation processes and peculiar “dethroning” of the ancient mythical rituals and stories. Also the thesis deals with determination of the appropriateness of the functioning and transformation of the traditional mythological plots, motives and images in the postmodern novel. Formation as a genre in the context of epic European traditions' transformation is investigated, the tipology of postmodern and mythological attitude is analyzed, the forms of the mythopoetic system's influence on the formation of postmodern's artistic-aesthetic doctrine are found. The following types of myth's transformation in postmodernism are determined and examined: traditional interpretation which is realized by means of parody, reminiscence, illusion, forms of dramatizations and genre's alikeness of the fiction and archaic reality which are expressed in the forms of hypertext and intertext, and in all kinds of poetical tropes (a special advantage is given to the poetic richness of the metaphor and symbol); myth's desacralization, levelling of it's main principle of the unity and invariability in parody's form, ironic interpretation, pastiche; the creation of the own modern myths. The analysis of postmodernism novel genre's functioning according to poststructuralistic methodology takes place. As an example the works of such writers as J.Fowles, U.Eco, Ch.Ransmayr, Yu.Andrukhovych are under research. They demonstrate the formation of postmodern novel's genre features on the basis of traditional mythological motives: a travelling motive, a search motive, a labyrinth motive, a pupil and teacher's motive. They are archetypal models that make the main constructive basis and cause the text's existence within the limits of philosophical-artistic direction because they determine its existence on such artistic-poetic levels of realization as plot and image basis, genre's specifics, structural organization, communicative strategy. Besides, it's pointed out that the presence of these motives indicates the general formation of postmodern novel on the basis of the ceremony's initiation.

Item Type: Thesis (PhD)
Uncontrolled Keywords: postmodernism, postmodern novel, myth, ritual
Subjects: Це архівна тематика Київського університету імені Бориса Грінченка > Автореферати > Спецради у інших ВНЗ
Divisions: Це архівні підрозділи Київського університету імені Бориса Грінченка > Кафедра світової літератури
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Date Deposited: 06 Mar 2015 18:30
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