Psycho-pedagogical featuresofformationargumentationskills ofjuniorschoolchildrenintheintellectualandcommunicativeactivity attheUkrainianlanguage lessons

Козир, Маргарита Валентинівна (2015) Psycho-pedagogical featuresofformationargumentationskills ofjuniorschoolchildrenintheintellectualandcommunicativeactivity attheUkrainianlanguage lessons Вісник Чернігівського національного педагогічного університету (125). pp. 323-326.

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The article deals with the concept of argument as intellectual and communicative activity for pupils of 5-7 classes on the Ukrainian language lessons.The article deals with the concept of intellectual reasoning as communication activities of primary school pupils at the Ukrainian lessons. An attempt theoretical coverage of psychological and pedagogical features of formation argumentation skills of junior students. Analyzed recent studies and publications on the issue of argumentation and discussion skills as an important precondition for developing abilities prove lesson Ukrainian language. The technology education in the debate - an important means of learning of the learning process for discussion is broad public discussion of controversial issues, promotes logical thinking, allows to determine its own position, forms skills upholding personal opinion, deepens knowledge of definite problem. Such methods include the method of "Interview", "Choose your own position," "Change position", "discussion", "debate", "vote", etc. Emphasized the fact that linguistics is closely related logic - the science of the laws and ways of thinking. This relationship is most clearly manifested in learning the language, because language and thought are unity. In the process of argumentation skills as a prerequisite for development of students' skills of primary school-teacher prove necessary to maximize the use of logical categories, teaching children Debate perform various mental operations: analysis, synthesis, comparison, comparison, abstraction, specification, synthesis, systematization, etc. It enables students to acquire linguistic material consciously develop logical thinking.It is concluded that the ability to conduct a discussion, dialogue and mutual understanding in this process is determined by the skills and abilities of communicants to reach a higher level of communication. The discussion should be a must-Ukrainian language lessons.Samples of practical problems to implement interactive discussion as part of the lesson in elementary unit of the system of continuous education.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: debate; successful argumentations; convincingly present somebody’s opinion; prove or explain the statements; argument; dispute; discussion; panel discussion; debate
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