Forming of methodical competence of future music teachers through the emotional perception of a works of choral art

Теряєва, Лариса Анатоліївна (2017) Forming of methodical competence of future music teachers through the emotional perception of a works of choral art Наукові записки Ніжинського державного університету імені Миколи Гоголя. Психолого-педагогічні науки (1). pp. 171-173. ISSN 2522-1736


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Annotation. The purpose of modern music education is to prepare highly qualified music teachers who are able to acquire knowledge and improve themselves, to seek at the work with the students innovative methods, forms and means of teaching, by yourself create and solve professional problems, teach students emotionally perceive and understand the works of musical art. Today, a large role is played by the highest musical and pedagogical educational institutions. Therefore, the main task of training teachers of musical disciplines should be the development of the emotional sphere of students through the perception of the best examples of choral art, which are capable of forming the moral and ethical principles, to develop the emotional sphere, affect their aesthetic and spiritual development. Future music teachers during training must master the ability to listen to the choral works, emotionally perceive and analyze them to see the beauty and harmony of nature, in music and the visual arts, in poetry, in human relations. The personal attitude of the future teachers to the choral art is very important, as they lay not only solid basis of development of students' values and meanings, educational and informative, creative activity-related, multi-cultural, socio-cultural and philosophical aspects, but also contribute to the aesthetic education of students and the development of their spiritual potential. Systematic emotional and value perception of choral works of different genres and styles conducive to spiritual development, the strengthening of the auditory experience of the future teachers of music, enriching their thesaurus deepening emotional feelings and impressions of the heard music, the development of analytical thinking, a common culture and musical imagination. The development of aesthetic taste, understanding and comprehension of the aesthetic significance of music art allows a natural way to develop artistic thinking and creative activity of students. Perception bright choral works by causing emotional distress, situational activates the memory of the future teachers of music and enrich their spiritual development.

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