Women’s movement ideas in M. Grinchenko’s “new drama” translations (based on the material of H. Sudermann’s play “Heimat”)

Яковлева, Ірина Вадимівна (2018) Women’s movement ideas in M. Grinchenko’s “new drama” translations (based on the material of H. Sudermann’s play “Heimat”) Літературний процес: методологія, імена, тенденції : зб. наук. пр. (філол. науки). pp. 100-110. ISSN 2311-2433


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Ukrainians fought for  their freedom in  Ukrainian lands divided between the  two empires. Women’s movement was a  logical continuation of  this struggle. Borys and  Maria Grinchenko theoretically interpreted the  «women’s question» due to  the  special treatment of  a woman whose remains were preserved in  Ukrainian intelligent families. In  addition, they, according to  their beliefs, chose plays for  interpretation. In  this article women’s movement ideas in  Maria Grinchenko’s (pen name  — M. Zagirnia) «new drama» translations are analyzed. Analyzed work (previously unstudied H. Sudermann’s play «Heimat») is  chosen because of  need to  return it  into scientific circulation as  unfairly forgotten. At  the  same time H. Sudermann’s popular play «Heimat» was elected to  supplement already studied works by  disclosing other levels of  Mariia Grinchenko’s intellectual heritage. The  aim of  this paper is  to highlight the  new aspects of  Grinchenko’s family activity as  interpreters. The  gender approach is  used to supplement the traditional interpretation of Mariia Grinchenko’s works by disclosing other levels of her biography. The hypothesis about “new woman” characters as criterion of choosing plays for translation is put forward. It is established that we can call the Grinchenko’s family translation creativity continuation of  their considered program of  modernizing their own literature as  part of  their struggle for  creating a  new society based on  partnership and  mutual respect. It  is  shown the  prospects for  further research in the global context of the Ukrainian literary process of the early twentieth century.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Ukrainian лiterature; Ukrainian translation; women’s movement; “new drama”; Mariia Grinchenkoж M. Zagirnia; H. Sudermann; “Heimat”
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