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Мартинчук, Олена Валеріївна (2020) Inclusive education [Teaching Resource]

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Purpose: to form in students a system of values ​​of inclusive education, knowledge and skills in the field of organization and implementation of inclusive education of children with special educational needs (PD). Tasks: 1. to form general competencies: worldview (knowledge and understanding of the subject area and profession; knowledge of basic theories, concepts that make up the scientific picture of the world; formation of scientific worldview, ability to defend their own strategies of professional activity in an inclusive educational environment); civil (ability to act on the basis of social responsibility and civic consciousness, to apply procedures and technologies to protect the rights and freedoms of persons with disabilities in accordance with current legislation of Ukraine); interpersonal interaction (ability to work in a team of psychological and pedagogical support of a child; ability to effectively interpersonal interaction with colleagues, children and their parents in an inclusive educational space; ability to demonstrate emotional intelligence in professional situations); information and communication (ability to apply modern information and communication technologies to consider specific issues on the organization and implementation of inclusive education, solving professional problems in professional and pedagogical activities); creative (ability to generate new ideas, creative approach to solving professional problems in an inclusive educational environment); analytical (ability to find, process and analyze information from various sources); self-educational (ability to learn independently; ability to develop personal potential, self-realization, professional leadership and success). 2. to form professional competencies in the field of inclusive education: competence in the field of conceptual principles of inclusive education (knowledge and understanding of theories, concepts, principles of inclusive education; understanding of the broad context of inclusive education as education for all without exception; ability to show tolerant attitude based on the principles of respect for the individual characteristics of the child and non-discrimination); competence in the field of international and national legislation on inclusive education (knowledge of international documents and national legislation, their role in the implementation of inclusive education; acquaintance with state policy in the field of inclusive education and mechanisms for its implementation); competence in the field of psychological and pedagogical support of children with OOP (knowledge of the essence of psychological and pedagogical support of children with OOP in 5 inclusive educational environment; understanding of a comprehensive approach to the organization of inclusive educational process, which includes psychological and pedagogical assessment of child development, as well as the provision of psychological and pedagogical, correctional and developmental services to children with SEN; ability to identify and eliminate barriers to the learning of students with SEN; knowledge of modern technologies of inclusive education; knowledge of ways to differentiate and adapt the content of educational programs; knowledge of the principles of creating an inclusive educational environment, taking into account the requirements of universal design, intelligent adaptation; ability to develop an individual program of child development, taking into account its physical, speech, cognitive, emotional development; mastery of assessment methods based on the strengths of a child with SEN; understanding the value of partnerships between all actors in the inclusive educational process to achieve optimal learning outcomes for children with SEN; possession of methods of self-assessment and self-analysis of own work and style of professional activity for the purpose of increase of efficiency and efficiency of educational process in the conditions of inclusive education); competence in the field of inclusive education management (knowledge of the organization of the system of educational institutions providing education and support for children with disabilities; mastery of modern approaches to the organization of the educational process in inclusive education; understanding of the value of cooperation and coordinated interaction with other psychological team members). pedagogical support of the child, as well as with the parents of children with SEN, the ability to plan and effectively implement the tasks to ensure the quality of the educational process). 3. to ensure the acquisition of practical skills in the formation of professional competence in the field of inclusive education of children with special educational needs in the Center for Inclusive Education.

Item Type: Teaching Resource
Uncontrolled Keywords: children with special educational needs; integration; inclusion; social inclusion
Subjects: Нормативні документи > Робочі програми навчальних дисциплін
Divisions: Інститути > Інститут людини > Кафедра спеціальної та інклюзивної освіти
Depositing User: Завідувач Олена Валеріївна Мартинчук
Date Deposited: 13 Oct 2020 10:15
Last Modified: 13 Oct 2020 10:15

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