Ways of developing constructive praxis in preschool children with developmental language disorder by using LEGO construction

Тичина, Катерина Олександрівна (2020) Ways of developing constructive praxis in preschool children with developmental language disorder by using LEGO construction Освіта осіб з особливими потребами: шляхи розбудови (17). pp. 236-251. ISSN 2313-4011 О-72

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The article conducted a theoretical analysis of the issue of studying constructive praxis. The definition of "constructive praxis" is proposed and its indicators of development are selected. One of the most common disorders of praxis in children with developmental language disorder is considered, namely, constructive dyspraxia. Presented scholarly researches on peculiarities of the formation of individual indicators of constructive praxis in persons with severe speech and language disorders. It has been shown that purposeful studies of the state of constructive praxis development in older preschool children with developmental language disorder have been left out of the attention of specialists, and the formation of the ability for constructive activity in children of this category requires qualitatively new approaches. The main method of research was a psychological experiment, the chief stage of which is the use of techniques «Drawing pictures from parts» (T. Martsinkovskaya, O. Bernstein), «The Kohs Block test» (A. Naduvaev) and a stick test by Goldstein-Sheerer, author's method «Drawing figures from the sticks as instructed by the teacher» (co-authored by V. Muzyka). The goal was achieved through mathematical and statistical procedures. According to the first research procedure, the authors analyzed and summarized the results of an empirical study that gave reason to establish the systemic nature of the disorder and to ascertain the underdevelopment of all its components in older preschool children with a developmental language disorder. It is concluded that such a state of constructive praxis necessitates the creation of a method of corrective and developmental activities for the formation of constructive praxis in older preschool children with speech and language disorders by means of LEGO-construction. The technique of formative experiment is proposed, which consists of three blocks, distributed according to the presenting of the material depending on the levels of complexity and on the hierarchy of formation of constructive skills in children. The generalized results of the formative experiment are presented, conclusions are drawn on the basis of them, and the prospects for further research are outlined.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: constructive praxis; preschool age; developmental language disorder; constructive dyspraxia; construction; LEGO construction.
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