A somatic approach to teaching students of special medical groups of the Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University

Волощенко, Юрій Миколайович (2019) A somatic approach to teaching students of special medical groups of the Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University 3 Sport and Innovation International Conference (1). p. 80.

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A somatic approach to teaching students of special medical groups of the Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University Abstract. All modern scientific research is, one way or another, aimed at prolonging human life and improving its quality. It is an issue related to the quality of life, which comes to the fore. Modern sport is a highly competitive environment that employs time-proven technologies. However, to achieve superiority, there is a need to look for new ways to achieve the best results. It is against this background that the somatic approach is becoming more and more relevant. This is a truly innovative technology, which at the moment is not widely available in the world. In spite of this, it has a sound history of development and severe prerequisites to implement and to be used actively. The somatic approach is a way of managing your own body, aided by movements. Somatics works with the nervous system by positively affecting it and improves awareness of body movements. This approach does not require any additional conditions or expensive equipment, it has no special restrictions, it doesn’t demand preliminary preparation. It is enough to have readiness for internal transformations and a place with a hard and flat surface for practicing. The basis of this pedagogical method lies in the cybernetic approach. Somatics proves to be very effective when it comes to working with athletes. This approach is not just a means of rehab; it is used for recovering and retraining throughout the training period. To a large extent, bodily tension can complicate the further development of the physical qualities necessary to achieve goals in the sport. In collaboration with a coach, Somatics can be a way of perfecting the results of both individual sports activities and doubles of competitions. Currently, we are implementing a somatic approach to teaching students of special medical groups at the Boris Grinchenko Kyiv University. The basic principle of this training is the principle of holistic. We are observing changes occurring on both the physical and mental levels simultaneously. At present, we are using the survey method to assess the dynamics of these changes. Even with a minimum regularity of classes (1-2 times per week), students experience the following: reduction of irritability, improved sleep, attention span increase, better assimilation of new material. Summary. Regular classes lead to better functioning at all levels. We can state that Somatics reduces the level of anxiety, increases resistance to stress and also becomes an additional channel of resource for self-improvement. Briefly, the somatic approach can, on the one hand, increase the competitive ability of an athlete, as a professional, and on the other hand, improve the quality of his/her life in general.

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