Genesis of the semantic architectonics of consciousness future counseling psychologists. Author's abstract of the dissertation for the degree of D. in Psychology

Каліщук, Світлана Миколаївна (2021) Genesis of the semantic architectonics of consciousness future counseling psychologists. Author's abstract of the dissertation for the degree of D. in Psychology Post-Doctoral thesis, Національна академія педагогічних наук України інститут психології імені Г.С. Костюка.

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The dissertation for a scientific degree of the doctor of psychological sciences on a specialty 19.00.01 “General psychology, history of psychology” (05 - social and behavioral sciences). – G.S. Kostiuk Institute of Psychology of the National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv, 2021. The dissertation presents study of micro and macrogenesis of semantic architectonics of personality consciousness. In order to conceptualize this problem is analyzed: neuro- and somatopsychic, psychosocial and cultural and transcendental, which reveal the semantic and functional properties of consciousness in the interdisciplinary scientific space of cognition. In particular, the phenomena of “correlating oneself with the world” as a philosophical principle of building a system of relationships “I” and “World”, which is manifested in a three-dimensional action, namely in the vision of “World through I” and “I through the World”, in “self-relation” as openness to oneself and in the experience of “I Can Be Here”. The research format of consciousness study is formed and explained. It is based on three principles, namely on the neurophysiological structural and functional paradigm, which experimentally substantiates the physiological mechanisms of meaning generation as a continuous process of fluctuations of semantic information; on the explanatory paradigm of quantum theory of subjective images of reality dimensions, which reveals the meaning and role of the unconscious focus of perception and its impact on the “touch” of the world; on the operational paradigm of the general theory of systems, which procedurally reveals the action of a complex systemic “territory” of consciousness, which “self-organizes” through the continuous correlation of “I” with the “World”. Three vectors of the genetic mode of psychological intelligence of consciousness are singled out, in particular the vector of microgenesis of the inner world, the vector of sources of dynamic movement of “self-organization” of consciousness and the vector of essence of relations between “I” and “World”. The definition of the “consciousness” instance. The means of constructing subjective reality by differentiating two interconnected planes of consciousness: ontological and epistemological are outlined. The concept of “semantic architecture of consciousness” as a multidimensional semantic construction, which “puts” traces of previously recorded interactions and relationships to objects (phenomena, situations) in the semantic fields and mnemonic contexts, is revealed. The principle of constructing a hypothetical model of representative action of semantic architectonics of consciousness, which is a systemic cloud overlap of plurality of moving layers, namely semantic fields, mnemonic contexts, intentions, individual certainty in intersubjective meanings (contents) and cognitive contours of consciousness, is proved. The basic script of semantic and functional and operational determinants of semantic architectonics of consciousness is constructed and explained. Empirical investigation of the dynamics of cross-contour connections of the system of semantic architectonics of personality consciousness is carried out on the example of imprints, symptoms and experience of transpersonal states. It is determined that the real world is not so much explored by the individual as mastered and mentalized, which is why open meanings as the primary elements of consciousness cause the individual empirical experience of person to build a subjective model of reality (subjective reality), defining points of difference with the real objective world. External and internal logics of experimental research are substantiated. In particular, these are specificity of activity of the practical psychologist; interest and desire of future psychologists to master the technology of counseling; “social” evolution of the “professional worldview” of future counseling psychologists in interactive case studies “teacher-student” and “practical psychologist - practicing student”. Psychotechnical procedural action and the content of the forms of internal logic of the study of the genesis of the semantic architectonics of consciousness are proved and described. They established ontological subjective background (means of being); functional plan of internal actions; continuous modification (dynamics) of the “worldview”. The study of the genesis of the semantic architectonics of consciousness involved the construction of a space of conditions and means that provides structural movement of consciousness, and hence the re-construction of its semantic architectonics through acts of cognition and action of experience, understanding and interpretation, which as the process of continuous creation of the world. This space defines the existential and systemic concept. A psychological and pedagogical matrix of development of an open cognitive position about oneself, the world and the world of the profession of counseling psychologist is constructed. This matrix is a format and rule of macrogenesis of semantic architectonics of consciousness of future counseling psychologists and consists of superimposed psychotechnical and educational facets.

Item Type: Thesis (Post-Doctoral)
Uncontrolled Keywords: consciousness; image of the world; “worldview”; multiple text; cognitive contours; taleologicity; meaning, semantic fields; mnemonic contexts; understanding; existential and system concept; synergetic and reorganization algorithm; evaluation and criteria monitoring; psychological and pedagogical matrix.
Subjects: Автореферати > Спецради у інших ВНЗ
Divisions: Факультет психології, соціальної роботи та спеціальної освіти > Кафедра психології особистості та соціальних практик
Depositing User: Доцент Світлана Миколаївна Каліщук
Date Deposited: 13 Apr 2022 14:57
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